“Firefighter Assisting Ground Zero After San Cristobal Explosion Hospitalized With Pneumonia” | Daily List

A member of the National District Fire Brigade who provided aid at ground zero of the San Cristobal explosion was taken to a clinic in Santo Domingo del Este Friday night with pneumonia after inhaling large amounts of smoke.

Richard Javier Rojas, 37, Fire Brigade Volunteer, was taken to Dolores in Villa del Carmen with pneumonia and deep venous insufficiency due to exposure to large amounts of smoke from the explosion More than 30 people died while being treated at the medical center.

“He was first going to be nebulized because he had a problem and he could barely stand the pain, then a group of firefighters took him to the clinic because he couldn’t take the pain anymore and they admitted him… he couldn’t breathe standing up, Not sitting, not lying down, just kneeling; thanks to the treatment he’s getting better, but he’s in very bad shape,” said Richard’s partner at the fire station, Juan Carlos Ovalez ( Juan Carlos Ovalles) explained to LIST├ŹN DIARIO.

Ovalles, a volunteer like Richard, noted that those affected needed help with medical supplies because although he had private insurance, the treatment was not covered. According to him, Richard is the father of three girls and the breadwinner of the family.

“You see they take a picture of somebody, they give them everything, but we, the ones who have been really fighting since day one, no one calls us, tells us nothing, look How Richard condemned Ovalles there.

The explosion in downtown San Cristobal occurred around 3pm last Monday and so far no official version of what happened has been provided.

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