fires, stones, injuries and arrests

The anti-vaccine protests they multiplied in Europe this weekend. On Holland, the authorities used water cannons, dogs and mounted police to stop young mutineers who set fire and threw stones at the officers: five of them were injured in The Hague, where it was registered the highest number of arrests. Other riots took place in two cities in the southern province of Limburg, in the city of Urk and in the northern province of Flevoland. But the More violent protests were seen overnight in Rotterdam.

Dutch protests against restrictions They resulted in 51 arrests and 7 injuries. Not only the Rotterdam city hall, but also bar and shop owners swept up the remnants of the night’s clashes between police and protesters, which left much of the country in shock. “It was an orgy of violence, I cannot describe what happened otherwise“are the words of the mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb.

The rally was announced as peaceful and it was part of a series of protests that this Sunday were to spread to Amsterdam and the southern city of Breda. But in the main artery that connects the train station with the center of Rotterdam something went wrong. Shortly after 7 p.m. on Saturday, when bars and restaurants were about to close because of the new anti-Covid rules introduced a week ago, the protest turned violent. Dutch police arrested more than 30 people in protests in The Hague and other Dutch cities on Saturday, following a worse wave of violence the night before.

According to the authorities, there were infiltrators among the protesters, guilty of setting off strong fireworks, burning and damaging cars In the heart of the city. Youth and right-wing groups from different parts of the country or linked to the Feyenoord ultras, the most popular team in Rotterdam, born more than a hundred years ago in the southern district, one of the most difficult. Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe.

The urban guerrilla of Rotterdam has scared Dutch anti-covid citizens who are attentive since the government announced that the “2G” standard will soon be applied in the country, that exclude from various public places those who have undergone the test but have not been vaccinated (or cured). On Amsterdam, the big demonstration announced a few days ago was canceled. But Hundreds of people demonstrated peacefully in the Rokin, in the center of the city, just like in Breda. “They are protests, the people from Rotterdam were a gang of idiots “, explained a Dutchman who was opposed to the new repression.

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