First kiss and stolen date. Who did Ksenia Mishina say goodbye to in the fifth issue of Bachelor

Ksenia Mishina in the fifth edition of the reality TV Bachelor (Photo:

On November 20, the fifth edition of the reality shows The Bachelor (STB) took place, the main character of which is the theater and film actress, the star of the series Serf Ksenia Mishina.

The equator has come to reality, and with each of the participants, Ksenia builds her own history of relations. Together with the men, Ksenia Mishina spent a whole week on the island in the wild. Bachelor’s presence in the camp led to serious tension between the rivals. The success of some participants in relations with Mishina aroused jealousy and indignation in others. Fascinating individual dates were also not without.

The fifth week on the project began with packing for the hike. As it turned out, mountain tourism is Xenia’s hobby. The men got to the camp by kayak. Andrey Rybak showed attention and collected the Bachelor’s backpack. In the camp, the men divided their areas of responsibility. The first individual date in Xenia took place with Eugene. The lawyer prepared breakfast for Ksenia, and then they went to a joint yoga class. It is interesting that Mishina and Kovtunenko demonstrated the asanas on SUP boards. The bachelor admitted that she shares Eugene’s worldview and is very flattered by how a man cares about her. While Ksenia was on a date, the men set up relaxation zones in the camp. For example, Alexander Ellert built a swing on a tree.

On the second individual date with Ksenia, Alexey Trigubenko overcame the fear of heights. The Man and the Bachelor flew in a hot air balloon. As it turned out, it was the actress’s dream. “This is the best date in my life ,” said Mishina. According to Alexei, the Bachelor inspires him to exploits.


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At the same time, in the camp, the men had to demonstrate their culinary skills. The participants prepared various dishes for Ksenia. Andrey Shatyrko won the culinary battle. But the guy failed to go on an individual date. Alexander Ellert decided to use his bonus after winning a talent competition and stole a date from Andrey. The romantic meeting of Xenia and Alexander took place in the Ukrainian desert – Oleshkovsky sands. Mishina and Ellert rode ATVs and spent the night in the same tent. The first kiss on the project also happened during the date. The bachelor admitted that she has great sympathy for the participant.

At the Roz ceremony, Mishina spoke with Andrey and Igor, with whom she had never been on an individual date. Babko got the last chance to prove himself. On the fifth broadcast, no one left reality.

The following remained on the project: Andrey Rybak ( radio host and comedian), Evgeny Kovtunenko ( lawyer), Igor Babko ( IT entrepreneur), Andrey Shatyrko ( presenter and blogger), Alexey Trigubenko ( owner of a car company), and Alexander Ellert ( screenwriter of Kvartal 95 studio) …

Recall that in the fourth issue of reality, Ksenia said goodbye to businessman Ilya Rybalchenko and Nazar Dzivulsky, who only a month before the start of the project recognized his child.


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