First look at Batwoman Ruby Rose with Supergirl, on the set of Elseworlds


Masks and layers all over. The filming of the crossover of the Arrowverso are coming to an end and after several that include photos of Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell swapping the costumes of The Flash – 97%, and Arrow – 86%, we finally have a look at the Batwoman of Ruby Rose .

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It has been the same Supergirl – 97%, Melissa Benoist, which has shared a photo where we can better appreciate the costume of Batwoman, during a free moment in between filming the event.

Evidence of my excitement because she is here to kick butt @rubyrose

Remember that when it was announced that the actress Ruby Rose it was incarnated to Batwoman, with its first and only official photo until now, there was quite a controversy that continues to the present day, so the actress had to disable comments on your account of Instagram; we do not understand why, if the truth is that it looks pretty good and in fact is one of the costumes more faithful to the source material of the comics.

In the comics, the character has had several adaptations. In both called Katherine Kane, with the original dubbed, Kathy, and their counterpart modern Kate. The version that is handled since 2006 she is a lesbian, something that was confirmed during its launch and during its first few numbers had a relationship with Renee Montoya, a detective of the Police Department of gotham city.

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The character that will be interpreted by Ruby Rosenot only is he one of the characters gay most prominent of DC Comics, but that would also be the first gay superhero to have his own television series, which is what point to the producers that will be introduced to Batwoman in the crossover of the Arrowverso of this year.

The role of the heroine in Elseworlds is a secret still, but we have to go to become a friend of Supergirl all of a sudden. Other actors involved in the project, that joins the group of DC on tv, including Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/Superman, Bitsie Tulloch as Lois Lane and will bring John Wesley Shipp back in the ring.

Elseworlds was a seal that forms a part of DC, even if it is inactive, whose publications were stories that did not belong to the continuity of the main comic. These stories drew the superheroes from their usual locations and put them at times and odd situations, which allowed to provide freshness to well-known characters.
Unlike the What If…? Marvel, the only connection of Elseworlds with the known was the presence of the characters of DC Comics. The heroes who had a greater continuity in this seal were Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.

The crossover television debut with an episode in The Flash this 9 December, will continue in Arrow the next day, and end on the 11th of December with an episode in Supergirl. An event of 3 nights, which will be a real feast nerd; because what we want to start.

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