First mammalian positive case of bird flu detected

The discovery was made in seven of 21 single-coated sea lions that died off the coast of the Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego. The National Agri-Food Hygiene and Quality Service (Senasa) on Friday confirmed the country’s first wild mammal infected with highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5-positive.

The diagnosis of H5 avian influenza was confirmed by investigating the cause of death of the animals with samples sent to Senasa National Laboratory.
So far, the country has analyzed two mammals suspected of being infected with the virus, but both have been negative.
Likewise, health agencies continue to work with different regions, as well as national, provincial and municipal organizations and production sectors, “as a state of vigilance is maintained in the face of the behavior of the disease and its modes of transmission and transmission,” official reports said. Sea lions trapped in the Atlantic Ocean The National Environmental Safety Agency and provincial environmental authorities have also instituted sanitation protocols and banned people from entering and approaching the protected area along the coast.
Senasa reminds producers, institutions and the public to “not travel to poultry farms after exposure to dead animals or symptoms associated with avian influenza.”
In addition, the agency recommends notification if “high mortality in susceptible species” or “stress, digestive and/or respiratory symptoms in wild birds or commercial or backyard poultry” are observed.
To do this, you must go to the nearest Senasa office or call 11 5700 5704, or you can use the app “Senasa Notifications” for mobile devices (available in the Play Store) or send an email to notificaciones@senasa. gob. .

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