first teaser for the series based on the comic book by Mark Millar

Here’s the first trailer for The Chosen, based on the American Jesus comic.

Netflix released the first teaser trailer SelectedTV adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic book American Jesus.

The series will debut on the streaming platform on August 16.

Here’s a quick overview:

Jody, a twelve-year-old boy from Baja California, suddenly discovers that he has powers similar to those of Jesus: he can turn water into wine, make cripples walk, and maybe even raise the dead! While the evangelist leaders and Yaquis in town try to convince him to use his powers to save humanity, all Jody wants is to impress the girl he likes and fight back against her bullies. While Jodie struggles and ultimately accepts her fate, things go awry when she realizes that she is discovering the truth about her identity.

Main actor predicts Tenoch Huerta ( Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ) near Dianna Agron ( Rejoicing ), and will have Everado Gout AND Leopold Guth helmed the show as co-showrunner as well as director of the show. He previously worked with Netflix, directing an episode of the series. Luke Cage from Marvel.

Selected this is the latest adaptation from Millarworld coming to Netflix after Jupiter’s Legacy and anime adaptation Super Scammers. It is also under development Magical Order, which has reportedly returned to production after taking a hiatus in 2020, with filming set to take place this year. The project is defined as Netflix’s ideal answer to Harry Potter What follows are five families with magical powers who try to rid the world of dangerous threats.

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