First the dead in Yucatan by Covid-19: men of 36 and 70 years


In the country are already 60 deaths by the Covid-19


A man of 36 years old and a british, the first victims by coronavirus

The Health Secretariat of the State government was informed yesterday of the first two deaths that occurred in the Yucatan of patients infected with the coronavirus Covid-19.

The deaths correspond to a male of 36 years of age, who suffered from obesity and was hospitalized, and a british citizen of 70 years that was treated at a hospital local to after he was landed in serious condition from a cruise that docked emergency in Progress.

The information of the first death in Yucatan it was during the press conference daily online leading authorities in the health sector. Shortly afterwards, it reported the second death.

In the social network Twitter, the governor Mauricio Vila Dosal stressed that “we live in a contingency very serious. Let us continue to the maximum extent possible all the recommendations of health”.

The positive cases of the Covid-19 also increased yesterday in the State-reported seven more to get to 61, without taking into account the patients diagnosed in Canada and Peru, who remain hospitalized.

In another aspect, it was reported that the government yucateco will be released today in the Official Journal of the State the rules of operation of the State Plan to Boost the Economy, Jobs and Health, seeking that the supports are channelled to those who need it most. You may apply from Monday 6 April.

The authorities also released that set out measures of healthy distance to the interior of the units of the public passenger transport covering routes in Mérida and metropolitan area. In the trucks users will be able to sit only in seats that are next to the window and the vans will have to travel to half of its capacity.

At the national level, authorities of the Health Secretariat confirmed that until yesterday, there were 1,688 positive cases and 60 deaths in Mexico.

The director general of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía Zegarra, stated that in addition there are 5,398 cases under suspicion.

Entities with more positive cases are in Mexico City, with 384; State of Mexico, 177; Jalisco and Puebla, with 116 and 109, respectively.

The higher number of deaths, with 15 cases, corresponds to Mexico City, and followed by Jalisco, with six.

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