Five employees from the IMSS have coronavirus


In the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) have been reported five health professionals with COVID-19, which have a history of travel, plus there is a doctor who became infected during the care of a patient confirmedbut he did it for the exercise of private practice.

This afternoon the Secretariat of Health reports that in Mexico are reported until this march 27, 717 cases of coronavirusas well as 12 dead.

Victor Hugo Borja, director of Medical Services of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), said that the doctors that are infected by the new coronavirus will be treated equally to any successor-in-interest and that provide for reducing the number of infections with the proper protective equipment.

“About whether we will give priority to doctors with COVID-19, we have to respond well at all, our doctors are at risk, but the care is the same for all. If we think that medical personnel are in close contact, we hope to reduce the risk by using the protection equipment that covers the eyes, nose and mouth, if what we achieve is an advantage,” he said.



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