Five ‘Eternals’ stories we’d like to see in the future

Eternals by Chloe Zhao, available on Disney+ since January 12, was one of the most criticized films of the year 2021. Also one of the highest grossing, controversial and the ones that divided critics most sharply. Considered “boring, slow and pretentious” by some and “cult work” by others, Eternals seems to have a hard time finding its place. But especially, to provide a coherent explanation for the relevance of its very existence.

Did the overcrowded Marvel universe need ten new heroes? It is a direct questioning of the sustainability of the franchise. Much more so when Marvel’s exploration of new spaces as series brought new dimensions to beloved heroes. So the oldest creatures in Marvel mythology they have real trouble holding on. Much more so when the film has the strange honor of having become a point of debate for fans.

What do the group of characters bring to the saga as we know it? Perhaps, much more than you think. There is at least five stories we would like to know about Eternals. In particular, how much and how they relate to the events that we know about and that are part of the official Marvel cinematic canon. We leave you five possibilities that you could explore in the future, either in sequels or even in a series of independent stories.

What happened to The Eternals after Thanos’ snap?

As comic book fans know, Thanos is Thena’s cousin. And he also carries Deviant genes, which caused his peculiar appearance and his madness. At the cinema, the data was intentionally omitted perhaps to keep the group of heroes at a distance from the rest of the Marvel stories.

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