Five ideas for Monica Puig and Venus Williams match attire

This coming September 15th, José Miguel Agrelot Puerto Rico Arena will host the Puerto Rican tennis gold medalist, Monica Puigand multiple world champions, Venus Williamsthey will play a friendly match that will attract hundreds of fans of the sport and many others who do not want to miss the recent match between two of the most popular tennis players.

If you’re planning to attend “Fight of the Legends: Venus Williams vs. Venus Williams “Mónica Puig”” and you don’t know what you’re going to do skirt, Stylist Claudia Madrid recommends going for a casual-chic style. Costumes may vary slightly depending on the area you are viewing the game from. However, this was not a seemingly random event.


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“Several aspects have to be considered. One of them is that in a tennis environment, people tend to look a little more stylish. This is not a concert rule, nor an “outdoor” sport rule, so this is not an event to attend in “shorts” and a “t-shirt.” For this particular game, it will be played indoors, so there’s no need to worry about the heat. ” explained Madrid.

How can you dress? There are five styles in Madrid that you can use with confidence.

1. Classic white shirt

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge (left) and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex chat in the Royal Box on Center Court as they watch Day 12 of Wimbledon with Serena Williams of the United States and Simone of Romania The women’s singles final tournament between Naa Halep will be held on Saturday, July 13, 2019 in London. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis) (played by Ben Curtis)

It’s not a coincidence that this is a choice Meghan Markle wore it at Wimbledon in 2019.

“If you’re looking for casual comfort, a white shirt paired with jeans, tennis shoes or some nice boots and accessories are all great options,” advises the “stylist.”

2. Casual wear

Michelle Obama (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Choose a silhouette that you like and feel comfortable with. Experts suggest that maybe you should bring a woolen sweater or light jacket in case it gets a little chilly.

At the latest US Open, the former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama looked stunning in a denim dress paired with a black cardigan.

Nicole Kidman (Frank Franklin II)

Nichole Kidman also attended the event, wearing a light pink shirt-style suit made of thicker fabric.

You can pair this piece with “flat” sandals or platform sandals. Madrid emphasizes that if you choose high heels, don’t wear them too high to avoid difficulty moving around the venue.

What type of clothing would you choose?

3. A jacket

Kate Middleton and Roger Federer (Adam David)

If you go to the VIP area, maybe you want something a little more formal, this piece is perfect because You can combine them with other more casual clothing for a safer feel.

Check out Kate Middleton’s ‘look’ at the recent Wimbledon and it might give you an idea.

By the way, if you are in the company of a man, former tennis player Roger Federer’s outfit can also serve as a good reference, although he probably didn’t have to wear a tie.

4.Light tone

Emma Watson (Charles Krupa)

They bring a fresh, casual vibe to your “whole look.” You can wear it under a dress, a jumpsuit or a jacket and wide-leg trousers set, like Emma Watson wore with Karolina Muchova at the US Open Sorana Cirstea did in her game.

5. What about them?

Barack Obama (AP Photo/Jason Decro)

Unless you go to the VIP area, A white shirt and well-fitting pants are always a casual choice and will keep you looking good. If you’re in doubt, watch the match between former US Presidents Barack Obama and Laura Siegemund at the US Open and you’ll know what to wear.

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