Five keys to preventing the ‘summer flu’

Summer is here, and with it comes the so-called “Summer Flu”It’s a common ailment we see in summer, and common causes of it include cold drinks, wet clothes, or sweating.

Most of the time, the factors behind the disease are temperature change. Indoor spaces are often air-conditioned, which can cause sudden temperature changes when we go outside.This sudden change can cause irritate our nasal passagesto facilitate the entry of rhinoviruses.

The only difference between a summer cold or flu and those at other times of the year is simple. causes of these diseases.

Symptoms of summer flu are usually the general malaise typical of all viral processes, but also other symptoms such as fever, cough, dry throat or congestion and mucus.

Today, we bring you a series of tips to help you avoid these common summer ailments:

5 Tips for Preventing the ‘Summer Flu’

Main measures include Avoid or reduce the intensity of sudden temperature changes. Turning the air conditioner down to a lower temperature, or not drinking drinks that are so cold, are some of the things we can do if it’s up to us.

Keep the humidity above 30% This is necessary so that our nasal mucosa does not dry out and cause a cold. If it is a home or workplace where the humidity is below 30%, we recommend that you purchase a humidifier to maintain adequate humidity levels.

Refers feed, Diet should be adapted to summer. The micronutrients that best help us defend against summer colds and flu are those produced by fruits and vegetables.

Like food, you have to take care of it hydration. In summer, people sweat a lot and have a high degree of dehydration. It is more convenient to drink two and a half to two and a half liters of water every day, which can keep the body in the best condition.

The resources we can use are Consumption of Natural Supplements Strengthen our immune system. These supplements must contain zinc, vitamin C or iron to help our immune system.

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