Five Most Popular Beauty Remedies

When we undergo cosmetic treatments, we’re after the result: contouring the waist, preventing sagging skin on the neck, helping fluid retention or smoothing out facial blemishes. Each of them has a specific function, and for this we turn our bodies over to experts, with the goal of getting advice and helping improve those parts of the body that don’t quite convince us.

Just like the fashion world, the world of beauty is constantly evolving. Treatments changed, techniques became more innovative, and results were almost immediate. Therefore, today we have prepared a series of the most acclaimed procedures by critics and the public, for all those who suffer from phobia (fear of needles).

There is no doubt that Madero therapy has become the most popular treatment in recent months. It involves a series of massages to tone the body, reduce fluid retention and treat localized cellulite. For this, wooden instruments of various sizes and shapes were used to suit various parts of the body.

The tools used are smooth rollers, concave rollers, mushroom rollers, modeling tables or sticks, etc. Madero therapy can be performed on different parts of the body to treat various conditions.

The “beautiful” universe is constantly evolving.Changes in treatment and innovations in technology see immediate results

There are also treatments that rely on more specific tools, such as radiofrequency therapy. The procedure is based on applying high-frequency electromagnetic waves to the skin with controlled heating of the layers of the dermis. Among its benefits we can find the formation of collagen, as well as the elimination of cellulite and excess toxins.

The duration of treatment depends on the area to be treated and its condition. For example, to combat sagging arms and cellulite, the duration is about 25 minutes and 4 to 6 sessions are required. But what are the most popular radio frequencies? Without a doubt, India. Many “celebrities” have used these innovative devices to treat not only sagging and cellulite, but also scars.

How could we forget about compression therapy… As the name suggests, this therapy involves applying pressure to selected areas. This creates an effect similar to a manual massage, helping to improve lymphatic drainage and venous circulation.

What about the face?

The skin on the face is thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of the body. Therefore, we have to be more careful when administering treatment. Besides microneedling (Dermapen), the most famous is the water facial. It’s a non-invasive procedure that combines different heads in the same session to cleanse and extract impurities, exfoliate and penetrate antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

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