Five Netflix Christmas movies to whet your appetite

Christmas movie classics are a part of every Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Nobody knows why, but suddenly Films that we would not bear at another time of the year become endearing due to the date. From the stories we know as children, to reinvented classics, the truth is that watching Christmas movies is an essential part of a good celebration. And it is because of the capacity of the great looks to the goodness, the dreams and the hope, they are more pertinent than ever in the most beloved dates. For this reason, the Christmas movies on Netflix are already more than ready and more so now that these dates are coming forward each year more and more.

Even if you are not a lover of this curious subgenre or you are not very fond of the celebration. In the end, the vast majority of us we finished the day of Christmas and New Year’s Eve in front of the television. Much more today when platforms offer an endless collection of classics and premieres for all tastes.

And the big celebrations a month away, what better time to start deciding what your perfect marathon will be? Netflix especially, offers you the opportunity to enjoy hits, classics and new additions to the long list of films in this curious subgenre. A tribute to lovers of great happy endings with a Christmas context, reconciliations and also, the classic stories that everyone loves. To save you work, we leave you a quick list of movies that you can see right now in the catalog.

’48 Christmas wishes’

Things can get chaotic at the North Pole as Christmas approaches. Especially when two careless and clumsy elves are about to ruin this time of year almost unintentionally. In 48 hours they will have to straighten out the mess that threatens the happiest night for the children of the world. Too they should learn about the meaning of a date that remembers love, solidarity and kindness.

Too cheesy Netflix Christmas movie? How about we tell you that he finally explains the story of the letters to Santa Claus?

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