five reasons to fill the Plaza de Mayo this December 11

1) The electoral campaign passed and what the left had been announcing accelerated: the Government of the Frente de Todos, with the complicity of the right-wing opposition, is speeding up to reach an agreement with the IMF. Poverty is 40% but they go for more adjustment plans. The announcement of the end of the double compensation or the increase in the monotax are just the beginning. They come for more devaluation that continues to hit popular incomes, for more fiscal adjustment to pay the debt with the hunger of the people, for more job insecurity and for more deepening of businesses that destroy the environment that “generate dollars” to pay the debt. Against those plans we organize and stand up: this Saturday tens of thousands will fill the Plaza de Mayo and other parts of the country, to shout very loudly: No to the pact with the IMF and the payment of the debt; Down with the multi-year plan and the adjustment, not the labor reform; For a national plan of struggle. The call is promoted by the Frente de Izquierda Unity and dozens of social, worker and left organizations joined the movement.

2) Because those from above fight, but they are all accomplices on a path that leads to disaster. Did you know that the foreign debt is a scam that took a great leap during the last military dictatorship and all the governments that followed validated it? It is illegal, illegitimate and fraudulent. Even the current government says that the debt that Macri took was illegal. Why then does the people have to pay for it? It is a mechanism of looting and subjugation, we do not have to pay for it with more hunger, backwardness and dependency. Capitalists should pay for the crisis.

3) Because our destiny is in the streets and organizing ourselves from every workplace, study and neighborhood. There is no time to lose. History teaches that no one ever gave us anything: all the conquests that we always achieved, and all the times that we managed to stop the attacks, it was fighting from below. The working class, together with the women’s and youth movement, have an immense force to stop what is coming. That is why we took to the streets and this Saturday we will make our voice heard with force. But we know that we also need to put the full force of our organizations into motion. For this reason, we denounce the subordination of trade union leaders to the national government. They are the same ones who previously let Macri’s attacks go by. Against that, we fight for assemblies so that we, the workers and the youth, can resolve a true plan of struggle to fight for our demands, putting our organizations in motion. For that, it is also very important that you be here this Saturday: the more strength we have, the better we will be able to fight along this path, which will be key in the months and years to come.

4) Because the fight is the way, but linked to a long distance start. We have a comprehensive program so that the crisis is not paid for once again by the working people, but by those who caused it. A way out that starts from fighting for urgent measures such as an emergency increase in wages and pensions to recover what was lost and also poses a fundamental path to the problem of work, starting from rejecting any labor reform: that the working day be reduced to 6 hours, 5 days a week, with a salary at least equivalent to the cost of the family basket, thus ending the precariousness and unemployment that affect millions by dividing work between the employed and the unemployed. And from there, substantive measures: the rejection of the agreement with the IMF and the payment of the debt, the nationalization of the banking system, the state monopoly of foreign trade, the end of private concessions to public and essential services, its nationalization and nationalization under the control, management and administration of the workers, and a national plan of public works controlled by the working class. That is, a general rethinking planned on the basis of the interests of working people.

5) Because for this path to have strength, you are more necessary or necessary than ever. Join so that on Saturday the Plaza de Mayo explodes. Let’s do a massive unitary act and stay at the end that we will also do a brief act of the PTS, where Myriam Bregman, Nicolás del Caño and Alejandro Vilca will take the floor, our three referents who have just held extraordinary elections and will be national deputies, the voice that we will have in the National Congress to express these struggles.

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