Five series of mystery and inexplicable events to maratonear while you wait for the new season of ‘Dark’


Dark is the series German that immerses us in a story as tragic as it is strange in the village of Widen. With a host of unexpected twists, their two seasons have made us feel in a maze along with your characters and time travel. Now, just a few days before the premiere of its third season, enter the countdown to the “Day of Revelation”. If you are one of those who believes that Dark it is one of the best series that you’ve seen so far, then you can’t miss these productions of mystery and events unexplained, which we recommend for maratonear while waiting for the start of the final cycle.

1. True Detective on HBO

The series has three seasons, each with a case and a pair different. On Fandango we recommend the first and the third season, which, in our opinion, are the best.

In the first season, detectives Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson) and Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) are on the case of a woman who was found dead in a small town of Luisana and it is related to a murder in series for the elements of witchcraft close to the body.

In the third season, officers Wayne Hays (Mahershala Ali) and his partner Roland West (Stephen Dorff) is in charge of the case of two brothers who disappeared when they were heading to visit a friend. Both stories are told in parallel by mixing the past and the present. The dark mobile for these crimes and the profile of the characters will keep you forward to the next chapter, so maratonear with True Detective it will be of your favorite activities.

2. Dirk Gently: Agencia de investigaciones holistic on Netflix

One of the series most bizarre that you are going to find in Netflix and meets mystery and events that no one else can explain it Dirk Gently. The series based on the novels of Douglas Adams under the same name, brings us the story of an eccentric detective, who goes on the trail of a girl who was kidnapped by an organization that travels back in time. Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett) and Todd (Select Wood) are the duo that confronts the madness and chaos in a case of connections and coincidences that they will have to solve in team through two seasons that has the series.

3. Twin Peaks on Netflix

The cult series from David Lynch returned 26 years later with its third season, whose episodes can be found on the platform streaming. But, whatwhat makes Twin Peaks one of the best series of the 21st century? The perfect formula of Lynch was to bring to the television the mysterious case of the death of Laura Palmer, the equated with eccentricity and ingenuity of the agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and a little town called Twin Peaks where they occur and strange actions related to the case. You will not regret of maratonear with this series full of secrets, melody is perfect, and a narrative without a doubt unmatched.

4. The Sinner on Netflix

The series has two seasons and is soon to be released the third on Netflix. The first season revolves around the mysterious case of a woman (Jessica Biel) that it kills in the full light of day to a man on a beach, seemingly without any reason, why the detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) will seek to reveal the mysteries of the case. In the second season, the detective returns to his native village, where you will find out the darkest secrets hidden in the inhabitants. If you are someone who has a spirit of a detective and you like cases full of mystery, then this series is for you.

5. The Society on Netflix

If you are looking for a series lightbut at the same time you take to ask yourself if what happens in the story is real, then The Society it is for you. The number of adolescents account up to the moment with a single season and transports us to a parallel universe, where a group of young people who return from a school trip discover that the town is completely uninhabited. And in the absence of adults and without being able to get out of the city, will pass through different moments of crisis that will force you to take out your stronger side to survive.