Five shows not to be missed: Gen V and The Continental. In September, it’s time for a spin-off

Two spin-offs: the first from a cult film like John Wick, and the second from the dirty and brash TV series The Boys. In September we will start again with two excellent cores that promise a lot. Instead, the Wheel of Time waits for a flash at the edge of the flop. And The Morning Show is finally back for Apple+ viewers. The rest of the live action of One Piece is yet to be digested. And in August, the third season of Evil will be released. Revelation. Good vision.

The Wheel of Time – Season 2 – September 1

Let’s give the Wheel of Time a second change. It got to the point that Rand al’Thor discovered that she was the Dragon Reborn, and therefore now knows that she is destined to either save the world or destroy it. The first season was full of expectations, even too high expectations. But now it either takes off or fails. And the first few episodes will be decisive. Amazon Prime.

The Wheel of Time – Season 2

The Morning Show – Season 3 – September 13

This is perhaps the most beautiful series that can be found exclusively on Apple TV +. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon seem to be born for this role. American television is in crisis. Major digital platforms are coming. We are at the season finale.

The Morning Show – Season 3

Continental – mini-series – from September 22.

First you need to watch four John Wick movies, and then you want to know everything about the Continental Hotel and the young Winston Scott. This is exactly what series, born as spin-offs of successful films, serve. To illuminate what is in the background. Because sometimes what is in the background makes what is in the center attractive. Amazon Prime

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Continental: from the world of John Wick

Generation V – Season 1 – September 29

The same goes for Gen V, with the only difference being that in this case it’s a spin-off from a giant series like The Boys. We learn the story of the first generation of superheroes Connection V. Amazon Prime

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