Five songs by Johnny Cash, the icon living with the death of his brother and the death of his wife

“Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.”. Perhaps no other expression so succinctly and precisely defines the artist’s character. When Johnny started saying these words at the beginning of the show, His brother had died in terrible agony many years ago. After days of agony, a grinding saw nearly cut his body in half.

When he started out as an artist, first as a hobbyist on his porch and then rolling around the United States, he accompanied Elvis Presleyof Jerry Lee Lewisof Carl Perkins or his future wife Joan Carter(almost) always dressed in black and maintaining a natural mourning for his eldest son, whose misfortune he always feels guilty about.

Johnny Cash most likely would not have become an artist if the older brother he admired had not died, so music was a trend after and influenced by the childhood shipwreck . Poverty during the Great Depression.One day, having married his lifelong girlfriend and becoming a father of a family, he was working as a house salesman when he stumbled upon a house located in Sam Phillips In Memphis.

One day he went there to record, and it wasn’t until he played his songs that Phillips saw all the good in him: a less moving, less octave version of Elvis (who, like him, had done it abroad His “military” but before fame) purified his sadness with his songs and rhythms Bang bang bang. In 1956, the year Elvis broke out, Johnny Cash was on all the radios on the wireI take the line) and become a millionaire.

But memories of insurmountable family misfortune remained, and he began using drugs to endure the frenetic pace of concerts and travel. He is also in love with Joan and becomes increasingly estranged from his wife and family. It was she, Joan, who helped him recover from addiction and stayed with him for the rest of his life.. Free of his addiction and his horrific memories in remission, he continued a successful career over the next three decades, and on the verge of death won an MTV award in 2003 and died in 2004 Won a Grammy Award.

Johnny Cash prospered in the ’50s, fell in the ’60s, recovered in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, and kept going despite diabetes and the neuronal degeneration that the disease causes. Worked tirelessly until 2003. He also overcame pneumonia in his final years.forward He survived his brother’s death, abject poverty, Elvis and drugs In half a century, he survived for only a few months by his wife’s side, devastated.

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