Five surprising things you didn’t know about Portugal

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Portugal is a European country with a fairly small area, but definitely rich in history. The food is good and authentic, the people are kind, the scenery is beautiful.

The land is considered so exciting that several people from all over the world decide to move there. This is true in particular for those who have reached retirement age or for those who wish to start a business.

To do this, you need to have a document equivalent to our tax code: NIF.

Today we will tell you five things that will surprise even the most avid travelers. Out of curiosity: did you know that you can get the Portuguese NIF online before your trip?

This procedure allows you to be compliant from the start and have access to many vital services, including healthcare, without having to interact with local offices. Something quite difficult since the staff rarely speak English.

What is the oldest country in Europe? Portugal!

One of the names by which Europe is known is the “Old Continent.” Not everyone knows that the oldest state is precisely the one located farthest to the west, towards the ocean: Portugal.

Its borders date back to 1139, the year in which the first king was proclaimed: Alfonso I, known as the Conqueror. Monarchy was the official form of government until 1910, lasting just under 800 years.

Portugal ranks first in the world in cork production

Cork is a material characterized by excellent insulating properties. Its use covers various areas: from corks for quality wines, construction, shoe production and much more. It is even used in the aerospace industry.

Which state produces more cork than any other? Portugal, which accounts for more than 60% of total exports. On its surface there are about a quarter of the cork oak trees on the entire planet.

Among the curiosities that may interest you, the Portuguese plug is used by NASA and ESA, the most important aerospace agencies in the world.

Additionally, it was used as a fabric called Pelcor, which designer Teresa Martins also used for an exclusive Lady Gaga creation.

The highest wave in the world was conquered in Portugal

If there is one element that characterizes the geography of Portugal, along with the mountains acting as a shield, it is the sea, or rather the ocean.

One of the sports that can be practiced in coastal areas is surfing, thanks to favorable weather and sea conditions. So much so that the world record for the highest wave ridden so far was set here in Nazaré.

The feat was achieved by Hawaiian-born surfer Garrett McNamara, who was able to jump over a wave 25 meters high.

The inventor of tempura is Portuguese.

They say that everything fried is healthy. However, it is also true that there are many ways of frying, and a particularly favorite one is tempura, one of the dishes that made Japanese cuisine famous throughout the world.

Not everyone knows that it actually owes its spread to a Portuguese missionary and trader. He was the first to use the drug in the 16th century, creating a dish of fish and vegetables so delicious it is still copied today.

The longest bridge in Europe is in Lisbon

The last curiosity we bring to your attention is related to the longest bridge in Europe. You may ask, where could he be? In Portugal, of course, or more precisely in the capital Lisbon.

This is the Vasco de Gama Bridge, which is about 17 km long. It extends over the Tagus River and provides a link between the city center and the areas on the other side. It was opened in 1998.

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