Five This App Can make it Easy for you to Work from home


RADARMALANGID – Protocol-quarantine yourself in the house have been reduced for some companies, the number of the spread of the corona virus. However, it is not necessarily the reason why the workers can be happy.

You have to still finish the job at home, although for some of the fields will be much more difficult, if it is done with the remote control. Eits, do not worry, there are still many applications that can make it easier to work for you. In the range of about document archiving, online discussions, through to coordinating the division of labour.

In addition to being used in a situation like this, you can also use it in everyday life anyway. What apps? Let’s see, one after the other!

Google Drive
When in the office used to be the server on the same machine, you can Drive to learn more with Google. The product belongs to the company of technology giants Google, this can help you archive important documents and manage them in folders. In addition, you and your colleagues at the same time, either via a PC (personal computer) or mobile (mobile phone) can.

In fact, Locker is an application quite complete for the workers in the team. Not only offers the feature to do, a discussion, or entertainment, but also share and edit documents, integrate with some other applications that have been used, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce, and others.

With this application you can get a team together to have a list of “to do list”. If your job requires that the organization be detailed to a clear separation of the tasks, Trello can help you. In the app main page appears to contain ‘Boards’ that the title-the title of the projekmu. In addition, there will be a ‘cards’ that show things that should be fixed. For more details, there is also a function, check-list, appointments, deadlines, and names, to show who is responsible for the task.

Google Docs And Google Sheets
Wherever, whenever, and with any device, you can click on the two online versions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. 2 this application is the online modifications or updates are automatically saved. In addition, as a product of Google, the files from Google Docs and Google Sheets Integration with Google Drive and Gmail can.

Microsoft Teams
This time, turn off the product belongs to Microsoft. Microsoft Teams with the introduction of a new way to connect with teammates. In a group conversation and the personal, the Microsoft Teams, at least 2 riders, namely, Chat, and files. As a result, all files that were to be sent can be recognized and can be tracked easily in the “files” tab, in the implementation of the discussion in a column Chat. Microsoft Teams also allows users to make video calls through the group, and they put together a schedule.

Author: Ananda Triana
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Published By : Indra M