Five unforgettable love stories


The film industry offers an endless number of unforgettable romantic stories, that over the years, after their successful premieres, still persisted in the imagination of the people, either for their happy endings, unexpected and even tragic, or by its remembered and beloved characters. ÚH shares the iconic images and the remembered synopsis of the classic full-length films What with the wind, Titanic, Diary of a passion, Ghost: the shadow of love and Pretty womanmaking an invitation to take advantage of the days of confinement to go back to enjoy from home.

A well-remembered melodrama
What with the wind, an epic drama of the Civil War, with nearly four hours in length, focuses on the life of petulant southern belle Scarlett O’hara (Vivien Leigh). From the idyllic hospitality of his large plantation, the movie directed by Victor Fleming recounts her survival through the tragic history of the South during the Civil War and Reconstruction, and its tangles of love with Ashley Wilkes (Leslie Howard) and Rhett Butler (Clark Gable). It was premiered 15 December 1939, won the Oscar Award for Best Film, and today continues to be remembered as a great love story.

An endearing romantic drama
In August 2004 we premiered the feature film Diary of a passion, a romantic drama, under the direction of Nick Cassavetes, and the performances of Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams and James Garner. Many consider the american film, of two hours duration, as one of the best love stories of modern cinema. The plot focuses on a man who tells a woman the story of two young men who became lovers in the North Carolina, 1940. It is an adaptation of the successful editorial writer, scriptwriter and american producer Nicholas Sparks.

A trip with Rose and Jack
Rose, a young woman of high society, abandons her arrogant suitor for Jack, an artist humble in the ocean liner which sank during its maiden voyage. Titanic, which came to light on November 18, 1997, director James Cameron, is essential if romantic film is spoken. The tape that continues to arouse passions won the Oscar Award for Best Film and led him to the top of the couple of actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, today, dear friends.

A living heart-rending
A young man murdered in Manhattan comes in contact with your dear beloved thanks to the help of a mysterious woman who can speak with the dead. Ghost: the shadow of love (1990), directed by Jerry Zucker, with performances from Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, is perhaps one of the love stories more heart-wrenching of the film.

An odd couple, with lots of sympathy
In Pretty woman (pretty Woman), the romantic comedy american starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, a chic entrepreneur makes the painstaking attempt to adapt to a woman to the rules of a sophisticated business venture. She has behaviors that are vulgar, but Edward is attracted to her and asks her to stay the whole week together in exchange for $ 3,000. Directed by Garry Marshall, was premiered on march 23, 1990, with a huge box-office success. The fictitious account of the couple exceeded the screen by the great chemistry and rapport of both.