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It makes its theatrical debut on 15 June glitterThirteenth film in the DC Extended Universe. Directed by Andy Muschietti, Scarlet is the first film devoted entirely to the Sprinter; Specifically, the Argentinian director has the onerous task of introducing the concept of the multiverse to Warner’s feature films. In fact, since the release of the first images from the trailers, we’ve had the opportunity to see barry allen (Ezra Miller) thrust into a new reality, a world in which he was not connected to the Speed ​​Force and – more importantly – metahumans did not exist.

the multiverse

The comic book adventures that the movies are inspired by provide an important context that can help us understand where the future of the DC Universe could develop. As we have seen, the multiverse was introduced right on the pages of glitter: In 1961, screenwriter Gardner Fox and artist Carmine Infantino signed flash of two worldsAn adventure in which Barry ends up in the world of legend Jay Garrick (created by Fox himself in 1940 with Harry Lambert), or DC’s first Sprinter.

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The film’s most affecting saga of 2011: we’re talking flashpointStory written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Andy Kubert. In this adventure, Barry returns to the past to prevent the murder of his mother (killed by Professor Zoom, also known as the Anti-Flash). The effects of this temporary manipulation generate a series of changes in reality: in this world, we meet a Batman with a different identity: Thomas Wayne, not Bruce, hiding under the mask. the child killed by Joe Chill in an attempted robbery; The pain of losing his son drives Thomas to become Batman, while his wife Martha assumes the Joker’s secret identity. This version of Bat-Man is much more violent than the one we know: he tortures criminals, uses firearms and has an even more cynical attitude.


The Flash’s Three Batmans

In the film, Barry switches reality for the same reason and, like his paper counterpart, meets another Batman: much to the delight of fans, we find Michael Keaton (dedicated to the character and protagonist of the first two films directed by Tim Burton) now in the role of a retired hero. Though burdened by age and lacking inspiration, the Bruce of this world decides to leap into action, using what is left of his military training, wit, and an arsenal that would be the envy of many nations.

remember that in the beginning glitterinteracts with the Caped Crusader of his reality, played by Barry ben affleck: as before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, suicide squad And Justice LeagueThe Californian actor plays a mature character, posing as an older brother figure to Barry as a mentor, warning him about the risks of temporary turmoil. Crusades against Superman aside, Affleck’s Batman has always appeared contemplative, able to assemble and guide young recruits into battle against the most absurd threats (especially if alien).

but the presence of batman They certainly don’t stop there. In the final scene, Barry finds himself facing another Bruce Wayne: not the one who introduced him to the Justice League, nor the one with whom he fought against the Kryptonian invasion led by General Zod, but the charming (and again elderly) George Clooney, just actors batman and robin1997 film directed by Joel Schumacher.

end of cycle

returning flashpoint, we remember that the desire of DC Comics was to exploit the saga to restart its narrative universe with the adventures of its characters presented in fifty-two regular series. The Initiative (the new name for The New 52) was to provide readers with an ideal point of access to the events of its heroes, thereby establishing a new internal continuity. Also as an “end of the cycle” film glitter It could represent that void of all previous films in anticipation of a relaunch orchestrated by the new DC Studios co-CEOs, James Gunn and Peter Safran.

However, with regards to Bruce Wayne’s role, there is still no sign. At this point, it’s safe to assume that Affleck will no longer be filling the role, making room for a new version of the superhero. will also be in the movies announced by Gunn Batman: The Brave and the Bold (directed by Muschietti), possibly inspired by comic stories written by Grant Morrison: In that cycle of stories, the Dark Knight had to manage a complicated relationship with his son Damian as well as a complicated fight against crime in Gotham City. Who will play it? It’s hardly George Clooney…

Let’s also remember that it is under development batman 2 By Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson: As anticipated, the film will be part of the Newborn category DC Elseworldsi.e. all DC movies and TV series “outside” the main DC Universe.

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