Flat belly with the food that takes Jessica Biel


Does the abs get in the gym… or in the kitchen? According to the expertsthe answer to the eternal question, is that both diet and exercise are important, but that first thing is to reduce the percentage of body fat with a healthy diet to notice the definition muscle. Jessica Biel what you know, why not just practice yoga and exercises functional that keeps you in shape, but also try to choose dishes designed to enhance your sessions fitness: foods that accelerate the recovery of muscles as the egg or the banana, increase energy levels before a workout, like oats or the protein, or with ‘effect belly flat’, as the fermented vegetables it has amateur.

The fermented vegetables are those that have been subjected to a process by which the load increases food’s nutritional and this acquires a slight acid taste due to the transformation of the starch into lactic acid. You can find many vegetables or roots of this type, although the most typical are the pickles, onion, beet, broccoli or cabbage. When brewed the leaves of this last is achieved by the so-called sauerkraut (or sauerkraut), is typical of Germany or Switzerland and very well known for its benefits for the digestion.

Thanks to the fermentation, this type of food rebalancing the intestinal flora and prevent bacteria from ‘bad’ play along the digestive system. Due to all these properties, the fermented vegetables make meals will assimilate better and fight so the abdominal swelling is caused by a heavy meal. As a finishing touch, the vegetables that take Biel also get a cleansing action in the body which favors the elimination of toxins.

Apart from the vegetables, this fermentation process can also be found in other foods or beverages such as yogurt, tea kombucha, kefir or soy, all of them known for their power to facilitate the digestion. In this way, the star ensures that the sit-ups, planks and any exercise that you perform to strengthen the core (abdominal and lower back) have visible effects.