Flavie Flament: The host posts a photo at the age at which she was raped


The host posted a photo dating back to her teenage years. A moment shattered by the rape she suffered at the age of 13 …

Four years ago, in 2016 on the set of Seven to eight of Flavie Flament revealed to have been sexually abused by a famous photographer whose name she did not immediately reveal (David Hamilton, editor’s note). The host subsequently published a book, La Consolation, to talk about her story. “It took me three or four years before I was able to speak … It is a weakening exposure but it is also saying to those who still keep their secret: ‘Go ahead, look, I did it. ‘After revealing myself, I was like,’ I survived my rape, so I will survive the announcement. ‘

Four years later, she explained in the columns of Tele-Loisirs“The fact of having freed my word brings legitimacy to the fights and also allows a resonance. My voice is now more heard …”

She has also fought for the extension of the statute of limitations for sexual crimes against minors. In 2018, the law on gender-based and sexual violence, known as the Schiappa law, extended the limitation period from twenty to thirty years from the date of the victim’s majority.

The ex-wife of Benjamin Castaldi, published this Friday, January 22, a photo of her, striking, on Instagram. In the photo, she is 13 years old …

“I was 13 years old. And I was raped by David Hamilton. Could I have been consenting?”, She captioned before mentioning the hashtag “before 15 years old no consent” but also the Senate and the National Assembly. A publication far from trivial since the Senate unanimously adopted a bill the day before to create a new sexual crime to protect minors under 13. According to this text by Senator Annick Billon, children under this age threshold will no longer have to justify that they were not consenting to sexual relations with an adult.

 Indeed, the Duhamel-Kouchner affair had revived a debate around the issues of consent and imprescriptibility.