Flavie Flament: this declaration of love for the man of her life …


The ex-wife of Benjamin Castaldi had very touching words for his son Antoine.

In October 2016, Flavie Flament published  “La Consolation” , a work dedicated “to all these children reduced to silence, to whom memory and words have returned too late, to all these children who still have time to console”. In this book, the ex-companion of Benjamin Castaldi evoked the rape of which she had been the victim at the age of 13 by the famous fashion photographer, David Hamilton. “The man who almost screwed my life up was sleeping peacefully while I spent sleepless nights” confided Enzo’s mother in Marie-Claire. Years have passed but the suffering still resides somewhere.

Fortunately, Flavie has always been able to rely on some of her passions to try to live a better life despite the painful experience she has had. Flavie can count on her children to move forward. Enzo, born from his love affair with Benjamin Castaldi, and Antoine, son of Bernard Flament. Moreover, Antoine was entitled to a beautiful declaration of love from his mother.

The latter remembered recently her first moments as a mother:  ” Being against her shoulder is both a vertigo and an insurance. Vertigo in front of this passing time. Yesterday, he was tied to my breast, fell asleep against me, escaped to my embraces to discover the world …  Assurance, because he is of an unalterable fidelity, a loving son, an always attentive presence, a source of strength when mine threatens to be exhausted. “


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 A sublime declaration of love that won over Flavie fans in the comments.