Flavio Azzaro confessed what Mauro Icardi’s greatest fear is if he separates from Wanda Nara – Paparazzi Magazine

The soap opera starring Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi and the China Suarez It did not end, although at first it seemed that if due to the failed reconciliation of the marriage.

Now the couple is happy and enjoying a romantic getaway in Dubai, more precisely in a luxurious hotel with a private beach in the United Arab Emirates, where after long nights of passion and dialogue they were able to solve their problems and reconcile again.

However, we must not forget that the model was separated from the player again because she found out that the affair between him and China was not virtual as she thought.

The two met at the Le Royal Monceau-Raffles hotel in Paris, he brought her a pink PSG T-shirt and they were in a luxurious room killing each other with kisses while Jakob von plessen, husband Zaira nara (with whom he would be in full crisis for being part of Mauro’s betrayal of Wanda) he acted as an accomplice by staying in his vehicle waiting for Icardi to finish his with the actress.

The meeting did exist, but Wanda needed to know from China herself that they had intimate relationships. For this reason, the artist answered the call and, very relaxed, would have told him that Icardi could not consummate, either due to a feverish state or due to a physical impossibility.

Suárez’s words and seeing her husband desperate to want to win her back, since he not only dedicated romantic posts to her on social networks but also gave her expensive wallets, made Nara change his attitude with him and give him another opportunity to rebuild the family they formed seven years ago.

That is why the media accepted the mini honeymoon and does not mind being in the eyes of the whole world as a person betrayed by the father of his daughters, Francesca and Isabella.

This Sunday in True Secrets, the journalist Flavio azzaro He was encouraged to throw more fuel on the fire and expressed his opinion why he thinks the footballer does not want to separate from Wanda. Icardi’s great fear is that he saw what Maxi López suffered “, He launched without a filter and referring to the scandalous breakup of the former player with the mother of his children, Valentino, Benedict and Constantine.

Without mincing words, the panelist assured that the messages that the blonde found on her husband’s cell phone in which he flirted with the young woman were not by chance.Mauro wants to separate a lot of months from Wanda Nara. I think that if you leave so many loose ends it is because you want the other person to know. I don’t think he’s stupid not to notice “, He expressed about the mistake that the forward made by not eliminating the conversations with the former Almost Angel.

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