Flavio Briatore also has a daughter, and she is very famous: you all know her.

Flavio Briatore
Flavio Briatore, Entrepreneur and Sports Manager – Italianotizie.it – Instagram Credit “briatoreflavio”

Flavio Briatore, a shocking discovery: a well-known entrepreneur has a daughter. That’s who it is

Flavio Briatore, born in 1950, famous person. italian entrepreneur which runs some of the most exclusive clubs frequented by famous people and now a symbol luxury He was born in fun. Among them we remember very famous chains Billionaire He was born in Twiga.

Flavio is one of the richest people in Italy and has achieved outstanding results through his talent for business and profitable investments. A luxurious and prestigious life that no one could have imagined for Flavio, who collected well as a teenager two failures. Briatore indeed received a diploma of a private entrepreneur.

From childhood, he aspired to fame and success, so much so that his fellow villagers called him “tribulus“, that is, one who is in a hurry to get there. And Flavio, in fact, dream constantly big deal that will change his life.

We can say that his dream came true, and today he definitely has the existence that he always dreamed of. money, engines AND beautiful women on his side. The Entrepreneur is a great seducer known as a true playboy. Among the most famous relationships that see him as the main character, we remember Naomi Campbellgerman supermodel Heidi Klum and finally Elisabetta Gregoracci.

Flavio Briatore: daughter’s identity revealed

Flavio Briatore has always been Casanova. During his life, he also had several affairs with much younger women. Among them is a dancer Elisabetta Gregoracci whom he marries in 2008. From their love an only son is born Nathan Leone Falco in 2010 year. The relationship between father and son is wonderful. Flavio demonstrates this on his Instagram account, where he often shares moments with his son.

However, Nathan may not be the only son of the Milanese entrepreneur. Before marrying Elisabetta, Briatore had a brief relationship with a German supermodel. Heidi Klum. After all, he was born in 2004. Helen Boschovencalled “Leni“. The entrepreneur admits:Leni is my own daughter, but the three of us calmly agreed that it was more profitable for Sila to adopt her, because the child should grow up in a family. But I visit her and I, Seal and Heidi have an exceptional relationship.” Flavio confesses his love and respect for his eldest daughter: “I love her and I’m proud of her. She is not only beautiful, but strong and independent, passionate about life.”

Flavio Briatore
Flavio Briatore, the truth about his daughter – Italianotizie.it – Instagram Credit “briatoreflavio”

Flavio Briatore in Monaco with the whole family

Flavio Briatore at the age of 73 enjoys the success he has achieved in the company of his wonderful children. Entrepreneur is often on vacation with Nathan Leone and older daughter Leni spend time with them.

A few days ago, on the occasion of August 15, Flavio Briatore posted a picture with his two children while they are in holidays in Munich. A way to spend time together with two brothers who are usually separated by an ocean.

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