Flavio Briatore, who lost weight on TV: “I’m fine thanks to the diet”

It only took a few minutes second floorand his photo began to circulate on the net. Flavio Briatore didn’t talk about it this time specific business, not for the polemical statement: guest Bianca Berlinguer in the first episode It’s always Cartabianca hit everyone for his physical form. Piedmontese entrepreneur, born in 1950, made a prominent appearance lost weight.

So much so that the host started with a question health assurance: “He’s fine, isn’t he? This is for the diet,” the journalist asks. “Yes, the only secret is that I don’t eat otherwise I’m fine.” But what does “I don’t eat” mean? “I’ve been doing it for a year now. intermittent fasting: I go sixteen hours without food, I give my stomach a rest”, Briatore then explained. “I lost eighteen kilos“.

“AND A good resulthe concluded to audience applause before moving on to the episode’s theme. The one who was depopulated in social networks in the summer with wonderful family photo, along with his son Nathan Falco, had in 2008 from Elisabetta Gregorachiand about the eldest daughter Leniborn 19 years ago from a relationship with a model Heidi Klum, a love story that stopped right in time pregnancy.

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“He’s happy have a sister”, Briatore explained in an interview with the publication Republic. “I told him it was a big deal and he told me that he already knew. On the other hand, now children go to Google and find out everything. But he never told me about it probably out of shame. He expected me to do it, but they they already follow each other on Instagram. They did everything earlier and better than we adults,” he concluded.

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