Flesh-colored nails with decor: ideas

For the new season, it is better to dwell on a manicure with a natural style, with a pinch of inspiration. Indeed, flesh-colored nails with decor are the trend of the moment and mark a return to a certain refined classicism. Well-groomed, simple hands and nail polish in nude colors, from shades of beige to pink: this is the ideal base for sophisticated contemporary elegance. However, creativity is not set aside. Nails When painted in light colors they can always be decorated with painted or stenciled ornaments with a minimalistic or geometric effect.

flesh colored nails trend

Extreme sophistication, simplicity and great versatility: this is how a manicure can be described spring summer 2023, The trend of flesh colored nails with embellishments also totally falls into this trend. The rediscovery of naturalness and clear nails also worries them. Form: People who still prefer long nails can now balance the effect of nail polish pastel Or shiny, For the rest, nails Almond, court And the most popular are square or suitable for boyish manicure. However, these natural colored nails lend themselves very well to being adorned with little colored and glittery details, so personalized in such a way that they are always an expression of the creativity of those who flaunt them. After all, the neutral base of the new nude nails is the pass-partout for every look and occasion. Therefore, the time has come to know five proposals of trendy manicure, all to be used immediately.

Flesh-colored nails with elegant decor

To be safe, you can start with an idea for flesh colored nails with elegant embellishments. From this point of view, it is easy to assume that the reference point is quite unique. So let us talk about French nails. This type of manicure represents the epitome of naturalness, so much so that it can be defined as the “my-nails-but-better” style. not without variant and reinterpreted, elegant French for summer is now the so-called Vanilla French Manicure, Compared to the classic, the pure white used to define the lunettes of the nails is replaced by a shade leaning towards cream. The final effect is therefore softer and more natural.

taupe nails

How to best honor the return of short nails? may be a correct way to use gods enamel paint Clear and weathered, which recall the natural texture of leather, but with a decorative effect. One of the best examples? They are dove gray nails, dipped in a pastel shade that gives the appearance of touches of white in the varnish. The manicure in this case is very sophisticated, with its simplicity as well as versatility.

flesh colored nails with gold embellishments

For a special occasion, or simply because you love glam style, you don’t have to give up shimmer, even with a natural manicure. In fact, flesh colored nails can be preferred with embellishments. A valid offer, suited to both summer and term Holiday, flesh-colored and has gold nails. Easy to build up to even with a very sheer glitter top coat, they become perfect nails all year long. Creative choice can be displayed by flesh colored nails with glitter which makes a Swirl Manicureas sported by Jenna Ortega At the last Golden Globes.

nude flesh colored nails

They may be called ombre nails, or may be related to the trend of baby boomers manicure: The fact is that now it is trendy to make or request a professional beauty center, flesh-colored nails with shaded decor. These can be beige nails that gradually fade into another color towards the tip. To achieve the effect in question, among the best colors of the moment, you can choose white milk, perfect to stay neutral. Alternatively, you can play with touches of colour: for example, pastel shades such as blue, pink and lilac can be a valid match.

powder colored nails

To conclude, it should be said that flesh-colored nails are easier to say with decorations, although the palette naked voice It’s really wide: it includes all kinds of shades, from warm to beige, to the coldest, tending towards pink. Everyone can choose their favorite color, usually based on their complexion, although there is no exact rule other than personal taste. In such a situation, powder color nails also fit perfectly. Whether covered with semi-transparent or thick varnish, glossy or matte, they always look elegant. Additional idea could be to enrich them with small geometric, black and white adhesive decorations.

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