Flora and Son, New Apple Original Movie Starring Eve Hewson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Trailer)

Flora and son“, the new Apple Original film from Eve Hewson AND Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be released September 29 Apple TV+

Flora (Eva Hewson) is a single mother who doesn’t know what to do with her rebellious teenage son, Max (Oren Kinlan). Encouraged by the police to find Max a hobby, Flora tries to keep him busy by giving him a battered acoustic guitar. With the help of an itinerant Los Angeles musician (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Flora and Max discover the transformative power of music. “Flora and Son” from musical mastermind John Carney explores the bond between mother and son on the path to a new harmony.

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Flora and Son is directed by John Carney, who is producing the film with Anthony Bregman, Peter Kron, Rebecca O’Flanagan and Robert Walpole. Kathleen Dare, Milan Popelka and Alison Cohen are executive producers.

Director: John Carney
Written: John Carney
Throw: Eve Hewson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jack Reynor, Oren Kinlan
Manufacturers: Peter Krohn, Rebecca O’Flanagan, Robert Walpole, Anthony Bregman, John Carney
Executive Producers: Kathleen Dore, Milan Popelka, Alison Cohen

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