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In Black Widow we have witnessed the debut of Florence Pugh In the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the role of Elenaa role she then reprized in the Hawkeye TV series and in which we will find her again in Thunderbolts.

During the press activities of A good personthe new indie film by her former partner Zach Braff (Scrubs), Florence Pugh she told of when, by accepting to take part in the Marvel Studios franchise, a lot of colleagues and colleagues warned her of the fact that, by now, she was embarking on a path that would have completely distanced her from those smaller projects and independent. Which hasn’t happened and a position she doesn’t share at all:

As soon as I signed with Marvel, a lot of people in the independent film business told me that I would never go back to making small films and that always hurt me a little bit. For me, beauty is found in all kinds of films. There is beauty in spectacular and massive stories like Dune or Marvel Studios projects and also in Oppenheimer. They are amazing mega movies. But then there is beauty even in these smaller feature films which, perhaps, will not be seen by everyone but which will hit that particular person at the right moment. I never thought that I would limit myself to making just one type of film and, in fact, I always knew that I would try to dabble in different areas.

Then he adds:

Reasoning and acting in these terms is also a panacea for my mind. I would also like to direct one day. I know how important it is to have a good dialogue with your director. I know how crucial it is. And I also know very well that you can’t start being a director just to hope that everything goes right. I have to learn more, understand how things work and study all these people that I have observed over time.

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