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Florence PughDear Miss Flo explained that the shaved head she showed off at the Met Gala in May was a choice she made for herself. How many times have we heard stars justify drastic changes in appearance with a “role”. Bleached hair, temporary tattoos peeking out from behind collars, a small tummy or super-armed arms: the body of an actor or actress is a tool, and we know it well. But this time the story is different.

shaved head makeup

Proper makeup for a shaved head

“I deliberately chose to look like this,” said one Radio Times The actress, in an interview published recently, according to the Daily Mail: “I wanted to keep vanity out of the picture. Hollywood is very glamorous, especially for women, and it’s hard for the public to look past that.”

Shedding her hair not only gives her the opportunity to tour Europe with her partner. Andrew Garfield with a killer air (she has also been seen walking around Rome with a shaved head) and to show off the wig she prefers when she feels like it, but she also believes it “helps the public”.

“Vanity is gone,” she said. “So the only thing people can look at is your rude face. Even at the beginning of my career, I always found it difficult to control my image. It helps me wear less makeup because it makes me look less shiny on screen. I feel like I’m allowed to make faces like it’s more acceptable.”

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