FLORENCE ROCKS DAY 2: Maroon 5 brings a sip of pop

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On Saturday we parted ways with the first day Florence Rocks 2023 commemorated rock legends WHO. However, yesterday the music changed. Literally.

If you’ve been following the recent ups and downs of Firenze Rocks, you know that this year Day 2 The Florence Festival has been at the center of a heated debate for several months now. It means to be kind. Composition of the second day Visarno Arena in fact, it became the object of hatred from rock fans who felt betrayed by the festival, which was considered, at least until Saturday night, a haven. A beacon in the night that allowed guitar lovers to navigate the stream of pop and commercial songs that flooded radio stations and hit lists around the world.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the announcement of maroon 5 The second day’s headliner Firenze Rocks infuriated many people who felt out of touch with the only rock hour of air permitted by summer concerts. And yet last night was triumphant. It was attended by many more visitors than on the first day and the show was able to entertain and excite thousands of fans who flocked from all over Italy (and beyond).

So yes, let me break the spear in favor of this seedy Florentine organization. Despite delays, lean line-ups, the shortening of the festival to two days, and a host of other dubious moments, in the end it was possible to put together an event that brings home some merit. So if you, the reader, fall into the category of “outraged fans” who will never forgive Firenze Rocks for succumbing to the corruption of the pop world, then this is Denial of responsibility for you: don’t keep reading. You will not find the contradiction you are looking for.

For those who were there last night or for those who just want to know how Day 2he is the scandalous stone of this issue Florence Rocksthen let’s repeat the steps together.


The second day opens a little later than the previous one, the first artists take the stage at 17:00. This is a Tuscan group. PARTNERS comprises Cosimo Zannelli (guitar and vocals) Frederic Sagona (keyboards and voice) e pine betrothal (drums). Formed in 2013, the group bills itself as a “nu-power trio” due to the importance given to synthesizers. The short set leading up to the Visarno Arena showcases a mixture of influences from the most famous international rock (The Police, White Stripes) and Italian songwriting.


Instead, at 18:00, there comes the moment of the appearance of the group, which I am waiting with great curiosity: Raytons. Perhaps still too little known in Italy (what a novelty), four young men from Rotherham (UK) embody the spirit of independent bands who play outside the perverted schemes of the record companies. In fact, founded in 2017 after countless representatives of music labels, they independently produce and publish their first album in complete autonomy. What is rock and roll? (2023), reaching no. 1 from the English charts. A good slap in the face for music producers.

And it is this independent spirit that lies at the heart of the half-hour set brought to the table. Visarno Arenawith the participation of at least part of the public. In fact, it must be said that the rock soul of the British band, their arrogance and twenty years of inattention to everything and everyone is definitely wasted on such a day, covered in cereal and pop, like today. And while I’m watching their performance, I’m heavily influenced by the sounds of the old Arctic Monkeys, I regret the choice of the organization to post them on the same day as maroon 5. Not the same audience…

However, however, Johnny Yerrell (voice), Joe O’Brien (guitar), Lee Holland (bass) and Jamie Todd (drums) have fun, enjoying the ascent in the world of musical Olympus and above all having fun for the first time in the Italian heat. They also try to interact with the public with “Here we are, here we are, here we are the hell we go.” An incitement that is picked up by only a few present and that reminds me of British mega-festivals where the phrase is used to ignite the mood of the audience. TO Florence it doesn’t happen. What a pity. I hope to see them again as soon as possible in a space more suited to their sound.


So far, two artists have taken the stage Florence Rocks they still embody the rock vibe of Day 1. At 7:00 pm and he thinks about it. D4VD adjust the frame, setting the stage for pop sounds that will play in the room from there until midnight Visarno Arena. at the registry office David Anthony BurkeThe 18-year-old Houston native is a different story than the Raytons. In fact, this is the perfect prototype of a teenage artist who has enjoyed great social media success in recent years. Son of a generation tik tak, the boy brings to the Florentine stage the communication of generation Z, consisting of short, ultra-pop, very catchy and, above all, very social songs. It is no coincidence that his social media manager is always behind him, intending to follow him on the phone to capture the most important moments of the performance.

It seems that we have another arista product in which there is a lot of smoke and no roasting, shifting the focus more to the appearance than to the music. I don’t like all this. So I try to go beyond what I see and focus on what I feel. D4vd it’s actually quite good, there are some good interesting songs in there, including a beautiful ballad.”Good night“. However, the public loves it. Especially considering that a significant part of those present are young, very young people who immediately recognize viral songs. It’s always nice to see an interested audience.


The day is still long and there is still time before Maroon 5 for Jake Shearsformer frontman of the band scissor sisters. His set is decidedly longer, thanks in part to a wider repertoire that allows him an hour of unbridled swing. disk. The charisma of the 45 year old singer, songwriter and performer (I swear he looks like a 20 year old even up close) is impressive and it shows. Jake transports the audience back to the glitzy 80s with a competitive performance worthy of those vintage video tutorials where fitness trainers teach you how to stretch while also recreating the look.

On stage, the American singer is tireless, speaking with his recognizable falsetto. Together with him, his group stands out, among which is a pretty singer with a sensational voice and an amazing saxophonist. But I can’t find out the names of both. However, they also do an overly disco cover of the song. comfortably Numbwhich makes me turn my nose up a bit.

The climax of the performance is reached, of course, on the notes “I don’t feel like dancing“, the disco super hit by the Scissor Sisters that brought him so much luck. The audience lights up and dances wildly in the stalls, finally recognizing him.


After Jake Shears’ animated performance, it’s time to wait…again. THAT maroon 5 scheduled for 21:45, as far as I understand, a bad choice. There are still 45 minutes left before the release. Adam Levine and colleagues and I are in tatters. Of course, background music doesn’t help either. So I share the nervous suspense with my neighbors, complaining in turn about the monotony of the plays that follow each other during those endless three-quarters of an hour. Monster ball.

Luckily, it’s 9:45 p.m. and the boredom vanishes when the lights go out. I confess I am worried too. Finally I maroon 5 they accompanied my youth and the youth of many other people (girls and, yes, many boys) who were present last night. Thus, the opportunity to listen to the songs of five Americans is equivalent to a tender and nostalgic immersion in the soundtrack of the public past. And expectations are all expected.

I confess I am pleasantly surprised. I was afraid to go to a concert in playback mode, or, in any case, to a performance in which a handsome Levin prevails over the talent of the group. Instead, I calmly admit that I witnessed an incredible spectacle. A very dense and short set, lasting about twenty hours, in which, however, I maroon 5 slipped one after another absolute hits like “Moves Like Jagger“, “Payphones” AND “Sugar“. Famous songs that even the most purist and anti-pop listener can’t say they’ve never heard of. Surely melts on the notes of the most tender “she will be Loved” AND “Sunday morning“.

Levine’s voice is flawless, he sings just like on those albums that sound so distorted by the vocal effects. Of course, in Visarno Arena he is an absolute star, who is constantly applauded and persuaded to undress by a large crowd of foaming spectators. Adams he warmly welcomes the affection shown to him, and amuses himself with the audience by making him constantly sing loudly. The echo from the Florentine arena is deafening. Florence is literally at his feet.

The songs continue one after another without stopping. They literally release one hit after another, demonstrating the group’s ability to release only hits throughout their career. However, there is also a place for a curtain, reminiscent of the past, dedicated to “Don’t go home without youto these dedicated fans.

Ultimately, I think Firenze Rocks 2023 has been a success overall. Despite its merits and many shortcomings, he managed to satisfy the most diverse audience in just two evenings. Let’s hope that, despite this year’s mistakes and delays, the next edition will be organized more carefully and calmly. After all, you learn by making mistakes.

Click here for photos of the Maroon 5 concert at Firenze Rocks or view the gallery below.

MAROON 5 – Firenze Rocks line-up

Moves Like Jagger

This love

stereo heart

One more night


to love someone

Breathe heavily

Sunday morning


What do lovers do

surprise me

I want to be your lover




don’t want to know



Don’t go home without you

she will be Loved

girls like you


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