Florent Pagny: Time to say goodbye? His disturbing secrets …


Florent Pagny, back in the jury of “The Voice”, confided bluntly on his end of a career.

After three years of absence, Florent Pagny will sign his comeback in the jury of “The Voice”. The opportunity for the 59-year-old artist to reconnect with the public, who will also find them during an exceptional tour for his 60 years.

In an interview with Tele Star, the interpreter of “My freedom to think” confided directly on the end of his career which is inexorably approaching. ” After the All-Star version which will be recorded this year, I will go on tour on the occasion of my 60th birthday. It will be like a page which turns and I do not know what will be written behind” he confided to our colleagues. With no less than 19 albums to his account and a damn busy career, Florent Pagny now sees a different future:  “At 60, like who started at 15 in the Salvation Army, with everything I have lived, I’m going to have to think about how I’m going to live my last shift “he admitted.

In addition, the singer who is sometimes illustrated in the lyric has not stopped praising Vianney, the young new juror of the band of “The Voice”: ” It is a fucking artist that I have seen him arrive very small because he made my first part in 2014. Immediately I noticed that he was not like the others. He is a generous guy who sends love, “he said. he praised.