Florida: “Romeo and Juliet” banned in schools: “too much sex”

TIt’s Time for William Shakespeare to Be Censored: Hillsborough County School District’s Decision on New Rules Endorsed by Gov. Ron DeSantis

New censorship case United States. This time to be in the field of view of the greatest English playwright, William Shakespeare. “Romeo and Juliet” and his other works were banned for students of the county school district hillsborough, V Florida, for excessive sexual content.

New rules in Florida.

The decision, the school authorities said, is in line with “Law on Parental Rights in Education”. 2022 and new education rules approved by the governor and the Republican nominee for the White House. Ron DeSantis. In fact, according to local rules, sexual disputes between school desks are only allowed during classes specifically dedicated to health. The new law, defined in the chronicles as “Don’t Say Gay,” also forbids talking about sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom, and has inevitably found itself at the center of controversy and political confrontation.

Romeo and Juliet in the viewfinder

after the case Michelangelo’s David defined as “pornographic”, it is now the turn of Shakespeare’s works, which are considered excessively explicit from a sexual point of view. According to the Hillsborough County School District, “Romeo and Juliet” suggests that the two main characters indulged in premarital affairs. Also censor parts d“Macbeth” AND “Hamlet”. “There are vulgarities in Shakespeare,” he said. Joseph Cool, Geithner High School teacher. Their censorship and reading only excerpts will allow Shakespeare to continue to be taught at school, avoiding sexual content and therefore complying with current laws, the teacher explained.

Other cases

Not only Romeo and Juliet, one of the most imagined tragedies, but also one of the most popular love stories in the world, which has also become a famous movie set these days in “Romeo + Juliet” (1996, Baz Luhrmann) With Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. Recently, many schools in Florida have dramatically revised their curricula to avoid problems with the new law. And other conservative states are following suit. Nell Utah for example, it came under fire for being “vulgar and cruel” there as well. Bible, prohibited in one of its districts.

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