Flu and colds increase in Zamora as winter begins

this influenza It has started to appear in Zamora, although it is mainly cold and infection respiratory viruses those who have more incidence During the first few weeks of the true autumn and winter season, that is, when low temperature to the province.


Data from the Institute of Health Research charles iii They pointed out that this has been second Respiratory tract infection cases increased for one week in a row, while Report of Ministry of Health, via Internet monitor Among these cases, there is also a deterioration situation in this sense.On the other hand, there is nothing unusual but some typical era When the cold comes, but be warned anyway Precautions Get out and get warm.

Evolution of influenza and respiratory viruses, according to the Ministry of Health

Respiratory infection reports last week showed acute ministry of health“The incidence has increased incidence influenza and bronchitis and Bronchiolitisespecially among the population childish, the incidence rates in children under 5 years old were 70 and 422 cases per 100,000 inhabitants respectively. “The network is autonomy Provincial data were not identified, although incidence rates Community Very similar to different situations province.


this speed Incidence of respiratory tract infections in the entire population population lie in 700 boxesper 100,000 inhabitants.Therefore, a cold is viral Those that have the greatest impact on the population.

In fact, the incidence of COVID-19 remains at a certain level lowan adjusted rate of approximately 36 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, influenza syndrome There are 23 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. “sample sentinel Shows increased influenza virus positivity rate influenza and RSV (respiratory virus), the percentages at week 46 were 14.9% and 10.6%, respectively.in sample Not a sentinel Still continuing Increase Recently observed detections weekespecially VRS.

at the rate of incidence Cumulative influenza” age group 0 to 4 years old are most affected because Increase This happened last week.

In any case, none of these conditions are close to epidemic thresholds, which are usually reached much later.

For example, in terms of influenza, last fall and winter beak The month with the highest number of cases is February, towards the end of the year. Activity.

More protection for children with new vaccine

This season launched them information In vaccination, especially in children, it can have an effect favorable Among minors who have traditionally been the most vulnerable age group pretentious For the flu. In fact, Activity Influenza vaccination in Castile and León and Zamora introduced as a new initiative recommend Immunization of the population 6 months and 5 years anger.

The highest proportion is Vaccinated By far the oldest 65 years. At the same time, Castile and Leon has included the drug’s immunoprophylaxis in this 2023-2024 immunization campaign. Nisevimab in front of respiratory syncytial virus (VRS) for all children born between March 1, 2023 and March 31, 2024, through a single administration dose of the above antibodies Monoclonal.

respiratory syncytial virus produce A common viral illness that causes mild symptoms similar to coldbut can cause severe respiratory infections reduce In the lungs, especially Bronchiolitis and pneumonia, especially in you drinkbut also suitable for adults bigger and people with chronic illnesses.

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