Flu and Covid-19 vaccination dates for the borough.

The last week of September marks the mutually agreed date public health committeewhich brings together the Ministry of Health and CC.AA.a vaccination campaign against seasonal influenza began in our country.The agreement also clarifies Target populationRegarding immunization; citizens over 60 years of age, people at risk, pregnant women and health and social hygiene personnel, but also children between 6 and 59 months old.In addition, as has happened since the 2021-2022 campaign, flu vaccinations will be carried out simultaneously simultaneously Got vaccinated against Covid-19.

As a result, there are already several regions They have already started the process Many other countries have brought forward the exact date for the start of their vaccination campaigns.Basic strategies aimed at mitigating these disruptions Respiratory Diseases Among the population, their indecency increases exponentially in autumn and winter.For the first time, babies respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

La Rioja will start a flu and Covid-19 vaccination campaign for people in nursing homes from the first week of October

sunta Galicia It started last Monday, September 25, to vaccinate nursing homes and people with disabilities in the region against influenza and Covid-19. The message mentioned that the immunization campaign will expand its radius of action among the most vulnerable groups and will continue until December 31.inside Basque CountryOsakideca also started a synchronized immunization campaign this week, initially focusing on those at highest risk of complications.

exist Catalonia Since the last week of September, citizens living in nursing homes are being immunized as a preventive strategy from October 16 It will reach other priority groups who need to receive doses. In itself, rioja Flu and Covid-19 vaccination campaigns to begin soon this first week of october people in nursing homes; The second week of October, the population aged 85 and over and health and social care professionals; and the third week of the same monthfor the rest of the target population.

The Autonomous Community of Madrid has also advanced plans for a vaccination campaign that will be approved on October 16; the first nursing home in the region

this Madrid’s neighborhoods Plans for a vaccination campaign also advanced, which will be approved October 16; First in care homes and health and social care staff in the area, then covering people aged 60 to 64, and those under 60 Past medical history and pregnant women and other target groups. On the same day, October 16, navarre It will also address influenza and Covid-19 vaccinations, starting with citizens over the age of 80 and subsequently the most vulnerable groups.

this valencian community revealed October 16 The region will begin immunizing 200,000 children aged 6 to 59 months and those over 60 years old. For the first time in the Mediterranean region, smokers are included in the high-risk group.On the same day, the board of directors andalusia There will also be a green light given to “older people, vulnerable groups and health professionals” to receive flu and Covid-19 vaccines. September 25 Campaign against respiratory syncytial virus begins (virtual reality system) in infants.

Aragon also marked October 16 as the starting signal for the fight against influenza and Covid-19.Vaccination will begin with health professionals

In itself, Aragon Also reserved October 16 As a starting signal in the fight against influenza and Covid-19. Vaccination will begin with health professionals and then expand to other highest priority target groups.in the principality asturiasCombined vaccination against two viruses starts next Monday October 2 In nursing homes, from October 9, it will be extended to other high-risk groups, but advance reservation is required in the reference center.

from cantabria Vaccination will start from October 1.The process will first prioritize people with disabilities, care homes and the most vulnerable; and that October 15 to the rest of the target population.Strategies are similar castile and leonthe activity will start next October 3 Among them, nursing home residents will receive the shots, while the remaining target groups will wait until October 10 to receive the shots. As an innovation, they include children aged 6 to 5 years and smokers.

Finally, regions such as Extremadura, Canary Islands, Murcia -School flu vaccination has begun-Balearic Islands and Castile-La Mancha They are close to finalizing the final dates for simultaneous activities to combat the effects of influenza and Covid-19 this autumn and winter, which will take place in October in any case.

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