Flu and covid-19 vaccinations continue on day five (28) — Prefeitura

On this fifth day (28th), the capital continues to immunize all residents against influenza and Covid-19 for more than two months. The vaccination will be conducted from 7 am to 7 pm at Basic Health Units (UBS) and Mobile Medical Assistance (AMA)/Integrated UBS.


In the event of influenza, in addition to the general population, SMS also draws attention to the need for influenza virus vaccination for two priority groups. St. Elis: Children over 60 years, children (6 months and under 6 years), pregnant women, postpartum women (45 days or after delivery), immunosuppressed, Aboriginal, health professionals; Education professionals: with permanent People with sexual defects or comorbidities; Professionals in collective road transport, urban traffic and long-distance transport; Port professionals; Staff of security and rescue forces, the armed forces and the prison system; Populations deprived of their liberty, including those receiving social education Measures of Adolescents. Also included is a flu vaccination program for street people, who can self-vacculate without personal identification.

Coronavirus disease

Against Covid-19, immunization starts at six months, while the first booster dose (1st DR) is given after two or three years and the second booster dose (2nd DR) is given to the entire population above 18 years of age. Four months apart is always respected. The third booster dose (3rd DR) is also available for immunosuppressed people 18 years and older.

In the case of Pfizer bivalent, the immunizer is available as a single booster dose for everyone over 12 years of age. The vaccine serves ainda priority groups: people over 12 years old with immunosuppression or comorbidities, indigenous peoples, pregnant and postpartum women, residents and facility staff of long-term institutions in the city of São Paulo, health professionals, people with medical conditions permanently Sexually disabled, persons deprived of their liberty and officials of the prison system, except for the street population.

Bivalent vaccination is recommended to complete the basic vaccination schedule or to have received one or two booster doses, with an interval of four months since the most recent dose.

Multiple vaccinations for infants

In addition, in UBS and AMA/UBS Integradas, significant progress has been made in the vaccination of the pediatric public, with the following immunization vaccines available: Triple virus (measles, cassamba and rubella), tetravirus (measles, cassamba, rubella) and chickenpox), BCG, pentavalent inactivated polio vaccine (VIP), oral polio vaccine (OPV), pneumonia 10, rotavirus, meningitis C, ACWY meningitis, chickenpox, hepatitis A and B Hepatitis, Yellow Fever, DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Coqueluche), Adult Vaccine, HPV e Pneumonia23.

To accompany vaccination, get Vacina Sampa.

Services-Capital Vaccination

September 28 (quinta-faira)

Basic Health Unit (UBS): Vaccinations for children, adolescents and adults – hours 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Comprehensive AMA/UBS: Vaccinations for children, adolescents and adults – hours 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

SECOM – Municipal Government of São Paulo
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