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Spain, taking into account considerations by its medical advisory committee and an “evaluation” by the public health committee, recommends that people with Down syndrome receive annual seasonal flu vaccinations and a booster dose against Covid-19.

The entity recalled that people with Down syndrome are more susceptible to influenza due to changes in the immune response associated with Trisomy 21. Therefore, it is recommended that all people with Down syndrome receive the seasonal influenza vaccine. For Down syndrome older than 6 months, follow the guidelines set out in the vaccination schedule.

A booster dose of the covid-19 vaccine is also being given to all people with Down syndrome, with the aim of reducing the impact of the disease when contagious and its long-term impact on ongoing covid, Service Media publishes.

Spain emphasized that the purpose of the two vaccines is to “protect the population, especially the elderly who are at risk of complications if they have the disease.” The two vaccines can be given at the same time without any contraindications. “

These vaccination recommendations against influenza and Covid-19 apply in the context of people with Down syndrome (family members, cohabitants…), especially older people or people with other risk factors. In addition, the recommendation includes personnel from the Center for Health and Social Hygiene.

Spain’s vaccination campaign will begin in the last week of September. Dates may vary in different autonomous regions.

What do people know about booster vaccinations in Mexico?

The Ministry of Health, led by Jorge Alcocer, has announced that Covid-19 vaccinations in Mexico will last until October 2023, but he did not specify the start date and whether it will be planned according to the initials of the father’s surname, as it was reported that past release release.

Who is being targeted by the Covid-19 vaccination campaign?

Health authorities have repeatedly reiterated that priority groups for Covid-19 vaccination are: the elderly, pregnant women and people with comorbidities, without specifically mentioning people with disabilities or syndromes.

The four priority groups of the Mexican Ministry of Health are:

  • Seniors aged 60 and above
  • pregnant woman
  • People under 59 years of age with comorbidities
  • All health department staff

What are the requirements for vaccination?

  • Official ID
  • birth certificate
  • proof of address
  • Vaccination records

How many doses will be given on the day of vaccination?

Alcocer reports that there are 5 million and 386,300 doses of the Cuban Abdullah vaccine, and the Mexican government expects more than 4 million doses of the Russian Sputnik vaccine.
He added that the government was analyzing whether to purchase messenger RNA (mRNA) doses and implement the fourth available option, using the Mexican Patria vaccine.

The information was prepared by the news agency Servimedia and previously published on its information portal. www.servimedia.es and www.discamedia.es.

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