Flu and COVID-19 vaccines shipped to non-chemo pharmacies to cope with stockpiling

As the first day of vaccination, get vaccinated at the pharmacy vaccination bellstarting from the 29th, will not be enough to respond to only available reservations, escreve, the sexta-feira, or Jornal de Notícias (JN).

Secondly, JN and drug stores learned this week that from the start of the event to October 10 Plans to supply 175,000 doses of flu vaccine and 205,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccineor you will have to reschedule your guests.

Ao Junning, Executive Director of the National Health Service (DE-SNS) said, not expected “Significant deviation” No delivery.

said today that a major limitation is the flu vaccine and “This has to do with global supply issues.”

From October 16th “chegarão muitas dos”

Ema Paulino, president of the National Pharmacy Association (ANF), said available information indicated that as of October 16 “he would have taken multiple doses”.

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