Flu is dangerous for both hearts: vaccination essential

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Em meio ao Setembro Vermelho, Mês gives awareness and prevention of heart diseases, giving excellent care like Coração Import: in fact, among the population over 60 years old, there are about 14 milhões de pessoas têm some cardiovascular diseases, 2 of that age group not only had a higher chronic disease index3 but also were more susceptible to infection. 4

Influenza viruses known to cause influenza can have unforeseen health consequences, causing respiratory illness: serious effects on organs such as the heart. 5 Research shows that influenza infection can increase the risk of heart disease in adults by approximately 10 times. 40 years old.5

For patients, the situation is even more severe because they face a natural weakening of their immune systems, 4 a process called immunosenescence, leading to greater susceptibility to infectious diseases and slower recovery from illness. 6 The 65+ plot represents 9 10 deaths related to influenza and 63% of hospitalizations related to the disease 7 .

The best way to prevent the flu and its possible consequences is to get vaccinated every year. 8 However, the immune response to vaccination may be lower in the elderly due to their immunity. 4

This year, in 2023, the Efluelda® vaccine will be launched in Brazil and is suitable for people over 60 years old to prevent influenza. In addition to infection, it will also provide protection and reduce serious complications related to influenza. Or using a standard-dose vaccine, for example, there was an 18% reduction in hospitalizations for cardiopulmonary events. 9

The immunizer is Brazil’s first high-dose vaccine with four times the antigen (active ingredient) and can be used to protect against influenza caused by influenza A and B strains. Efluelda is available on the private market and provides superior immune responses to influenza cases in a wide range of people compared with the general population. 9,10

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