Flu outbreak has killed many cats, ringing alarm bells

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re paying more attention to any suspicious symptoms we might notice or disease news we read about. What we may be less concerned with, however, are the animals.

The truth is, our pets are more susceptible to disease. In addition to the fact that animals often go places we can’t imagine, it has to do with where their food comes from.

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The virus is killing domestic cats

A Polish veterinarian recently warned that deaths of domestic cats had been reported in discussion groups on an internet platform dedicated to zoonotic diseases.

Their symptoms were all similar, including severe neurological and respiratory symptoms. The same veterinarian identified one of the first cases, which turned out to be avian influenza (A H5N1).

The disease presents some unusual features and, most importantly, there is a potential danger of enlargement. That’s why veterinarians are publicly calling for domestic cats not to go abroad.

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In addition, it warned owners to stop feeding them raw meat, which could be one of the points of origin of the virus. To date, 61 cats have died, some of which have been euthanized.

Many veterinarians criticize animal health authorities

Multiple veterinarians from the same country claimed they disagreed with the response of the National Veterinary Inspectorate (GIW). According to them, the advice issued by the GIW was superficial and did not order inspections of canned cat food consumed in Poland.

They also complained that the GIW chief inspector took too long to report the detection of the virus without specifying that it was bird flu. While he had already confirmed it, he played down the significance, saying there were only a handful of cases. Finally, according to the Polish veterinarian, the gentleman disputed the results of the analysis.

The origin of the outbreak remains unclear.

What has aroused the most concern and concern of professionals is that the outbreak occurred in multiple cats at the same time, and the locations were far apart. However, they have not yet been able to pinpoint the source of the bird flu outbreak. Many veterinarians agree that the true number of victims could be in the hundreds.

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WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus spoke and wanted to make it clear that his agency was monitoring the situation with the strong support of partners and the Polish government.

All aspects of caring for your cat

In addition to worrying about this flu or other illness, we must also remember that we are in the hottest time of the year, and cats will notice this too.

Since most of them don’t like getting wet directly with water, it’s interesting that you know some tricks that will bring them back to life. This way, you can prevent them from heat stroke.

One of the most effective options is to dampen them with a cool damp washcloth. Since you’re not pouring the water directly on them, they won’t notice it in the same way, nor see it as a threat. You can also choose to give them ice cubes. They can think of it as a toy, so when they play and get distracted, they refresh themselves too.

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