Flu vaccine for children under 5

First time in 2023 Extremadura Include in your campaign Get the flu vaccine for all children under five. In this way, from six months onwards, all Extremadurans will be able to receive a vaccine against the disease.

total 28,923 children choose vaccines for the first time In this way, the Autonomous Community will comply with the recommendations laid down in Spain’s Common Vaccination Plan.

Early autumn activities

will be to early autumn When the vaccine became available, it only reached at-risk children in this age group last year.

The adoption of this guideline complies with Recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) The European Union vaccinates all children over the age of six months. For this reason, last year the country began to include the vaccine in age groups, although in some cases, such as the autonomous region we are talking about, only children with certain dangerous conditions are vaccinated.

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