Focus on vulnerability and global health, best strategies for dealing with infectious diseases

The second joint meeting of the TBS-Stop Epidemic Network Centers painted a panoramic view of the different areas of care involved, paying special attention to risk groups and looking at the needs of global health.

“The idea of ​​solidarity and solidarity is crucial in the fight against the vast majority of epidemics, whether they are tuberculosis, COVID-19, dengue or malaria… because these evils always strike the most depressed, vulnerable and least able in the world. Within a protected social class. No, unjust disease is not justified and should… + Read more

The multidisciplinary scope of tuberculosis features in new edition of Memories of COVID-19 Global Health

The magazine “Memories of COVID-19 Global Health” published by TBS-Stop Epidemics Network launches its 38th edition. + read more

Red TBS-Stop Epidemias focuses its new magazine on Update Day 11: Tuberculosis – COVID-19

COVID-19 Memories Magazine Issue 34. Global Health, a publication of the TBS-Stop Epidemics Network, commemorates its 11th Update Day: Tuberculosis – COVID-19. + read more

Covid-19 and TB remain at the center of debate in new issue Red TBS-Stop Epidemics

The organization kicks off the new year with a new issue of Memorias de la COVID-19 magazine. Global Health´. + read more

They use 3D images to detect tuberculosis and lung lesions caused by COVID-19

Three-dimensional technology makes it possible to observe the macroscopic and microscopic characteristics of tuberculosis lesions and the pathophysiology of COVID-19 in large lung samples and can be used to detect new biomarkers and innovative treatments. + read more

TBS-Stop Epidemics Network launches new edition, gathering testimonies from the first joint conference of prisons, social health centers and humanitarian organizations

This magazine reprints all the presentations from the first joint meeting of prisons, social health centers and humanitarian organizations held this month by Red TBS – Containing the Epidemic. + read more

WHO launches tracker to monitor world’s progress against TB

The organization aims to contribute to global efforts to end the current pandemic through universal access to person-centred prevention and care, multi-sector action and innovation. + read more

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