Follow In The Footsteps Of Instagram, LinkedIn Feature Stories Will Have


SAN FRANCISCO, LinkedIn also apparently plans to follow in the footsteps of Facebook to borrow features from Snapchat. Social network for professionals announced that it is currently stories like Snapchat is testing internally.

Then, LinkedIn is planning the expansion of his stories, for the members in the coming months. The idea of stories to LinkedIn, as it appeared in the past year.

“Last year, we began to ask me what the stories in a professional context. Stories first appeared in Snapchat, which was using other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to be adopted soon,” said Head of Consumer Product LinkedIn Pete Davie quotes: Cnet, Monday (2/3/2020).

Stories, widely used, because it has a good reason. Has a light and funny release updates, without the need to be perfect or to your profile forever.

Further, Davies said, he was the company or any of its employees can be the stories version of LinkedIn, to discuss the format to a new conversation topics, the help of lessons learned in a lesson, with ideas for new purchases to a community.

The presence of the Features is to increase the latest effort by LinkedIn to his intelligence and the involvement of more and more, especially for the younger demographic, according to the startup characteristics of the reactions, Newsletter, Trending News and Video Live over the last couple of years.

To note, the stories for the first time by Snapchat in 2013. Then, a popular feature that emulates Instagram and Facebook.

Well, LinkedIn is trying to make it work for your platform. It is no longer a secret, the user-based active LinkedIn consists mostly of the user, Gen X and Baby boomers. But, LinkedIn is actively campaigning for the Millennium-and the audience is Gen Z, is even younger.

Editor : Early Angela