Follow these 10 expert commandments to keep your pilgrimage safe and risk-free

The increase in infectious and viral diseases should be considered to maximize preventive measures

Every August, some 2.5 million faithful travel to Cartago from across the country for the traditional pilgrimage to the Cathedral of the Angels, which had resumed under a series of safety protocols following the coronavirus pandemic the previous year. Authorities continue to suggest 2023.

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It is in the wake of the rise of infectious and viral diseases such as Hepatitis A, Influenza, Rhinovirus and Covid-19 that experts in different fields of human well-being offer a range of practical advice so that believers can move forward without compromising the integrity of their risk.

“It is critical to avoid unidentified foods and beverages and to avoid bringing minors, especially children who have been exposed to recent viruses and flu,” advises Dr. Catalina Saint-Hilaire Arce, member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Also, it is important that people plan their pilgrimage routes according to their physical and fitness capabilities in order to consider their limits and make the best decision about where to start, especially if they are not used to engaging in sustained activity. Mauricio Matamoros, Physiotherapy Specialist.

In addition, it is recommended to stop as little as possible and keep moving so that your body does not get cold, and if you need to rest, you can stretch your back, legs and feet.

On the other hand, hydration also plays a vital role, so it is advisable to drink enough water before, during and after the pilgrimage, as well as drinks that provide electrolytes for proper nerve and muscle function.

“As far as the food itself is concerned, attention must be paid to the correct intake of carbohydrates, such as bread, jam or fruit juice, which provide energy and allow sufficient muscle glycogen reserves, while avoiding high-fat proteins”, says Dr. Josabeth Azofeifa, from Nutrition Specialty college.

If you are injured or feel unwell during the pilgrimage, your body must be listened to and analyzed for the possibility of not continuing, while at the first sign of any health complications, you must go to a Red Cross aid station to receive the necessary attention.

“If you feel tired, don’t force the body, stop and wait until you are fully recovered. If anything goes wrong, go to the aid station for evaluation and transfer to the medical center if needed focus on.

For example, communicating the departure location and time with a trusted person, as well as using directions and sharing the location in real time via WhatsApp, stand out among other recommendations, for which, carry electronic devices with maximum charge or Carlos Ciri, Dean of the Faculty of Health of the Latin University According to the doctor, this is a “power bank”.

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Finally, carrying a light briefcase filled mostly with essentials such as identification documents, water, fast-absorbing food, sunscreen, an umbrella, a coat, and some ‘Band-Aids’ is essential to avoid carrying unnecessary weight during your walk And staying safe is very important. Be prepared for unforeseen events.

Ten Commandments of Pilgrimage

With proper planning, experts say, believers can successfully perform this act of great significance to their faith.

• Plan your route according to your physical ability.
• Bring medicines and receipts with conditions.
• Use a lightweight and must-have briefcase.
• Stay hydrated before, during and after your pilgrimage.
• Choose appropriate clothing for the weather and estimated travel time.
• Listen to your body and don’t strain to avoid injury.
• Stop as little as possible and keep going.
• Prepare your body ahead of time and recover adequately afterwards.
• Avoid new shoes and wear shoes that fit well and are comfortable.
• Seek medical attention in case of health problems during the Hajj.

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