Follow these 5 tips Kece from home even more Exciting


When working virtually, it is not uncommon that the signs of the presence will be missed, especially if you choose to turn off the microphone or put the focus on the laptop screen.

For the, hold the microphone and refer to the Declaration of their colleagues. In return, they nod or respond with words.

Keep in mind that you still need to save, or keep the cell phone, during a video conference. But as an exception, if you use in fact it is important things to record.

In addition, make sure to see your face clearly on the screen of a video-conference. If possible, zoom in on her face to look clear, eye contact, and Express your reactions clearly.

3. Do not forget the colleagues in Remote locations

Not infrequently, members who are in remote locations, difficulty of the mediation, his merits in the session, because there is the possibility of certain restrictions. For that, you can help her by speaking them the opportunity to.

For example, if the session stage of the discussion to enter, you can give the opportunity away, first to colleagues of the house furthest. In addition, if there are colleagues who want to speak, stop for a moment and give them a chance there.

Do not forget to you should welcome them anyway. Send to encourage an instant message, my team-mates or photos lucur, so that the atmosphere remains liquid and fun.