Following the quarantine, follow the premieres: the ten sets most expected June | Tiempo Argentino


Outsiders (AXN Now) June 1,

A series about the struggle for power and control set in the rugged and mysterious hills of Appalachia. Outsiders
it tells the story of the clan Farrell, a family that has inhabited these lands since time immemorial. Living outside of society and above the law in his farm of the mountain, they will protect their world and defend their way of life using any means necessary. This drama, created by Peter Mattey, has two seasons of 13 episodes of one hour duration.

President (Amazon Prime Video) June 5,

Series of eight episodes about the history of the corruption scandal known as FIFA Gate, in 2015. Produced and directed by the argentine Armando Bo, winner of an Oscar and starring by the colombian Andres Parra (Pablo Escobar, in The pattern of evil), explores the scandal that rocked the world through the story of Sergio Jadue, the president of a small football club in chile that came out of the darkness to become a key piece in a conspiracy of bribery of $ 150 million.

Veronica Mars, fourth season (HBO) June 5,

A year after its premiere in the united States, comes the fourth installment of the series focused on a kind of Philip Marlowe modern. On this occasion, you must solve a bombing that blew off a hotel full of vacationers. Between the new deal highlights the incorporation, J. K. Simmons, the winner of the Oscar and Golden Globe for Wiplash, who plays an ex-convict and current intermediary of the mafia.

In the forest (Netflix) June 12,

Series Polish that tells how after the discovery of a corpse in the forest, a prosecutor of Warsaw retrieves the hope of finding her sister, who disappeared 25 years ago when he was in charge of a youth camp. Adaptation of the book of Harlan Corben entitled Forever and ever and ever. Starring Grzegorz Damięcki and Agnieszka Grochowska, has a narrative that alternates between the past and the present, always with a record disturbing, and with doses ranging between sinister, intrigue, and suspense.

Trakers (HBO) June 5,

Thriller series about the organised crime of south africa, and totally filmed in the land of the Springboks. In this production intertwines cleverly three threads of history in a sophisticated thriller packed with action that takes place in the south of Africa. Although all are located in the City of Cape town, appear crime related to the smuggling of diamonds, black rhinoceros, the emergence of the CIA and even a terrorist plot. The series is an adaptation of the novel of crime from the internationally acclaimed writer Deon Meyer.

Loudermilk (Amazon Prime Video) 15 June

This is the first season of a series that has two, but never saw in Latin america. Takes us to the world of alcoholism and substance abuse, with a specialist in the recovery of patients that will be assaulted by a problem yet more that will put you in check. It is a comedy unique, but effective. The protagonist is distinguished by his bad attitude and penchant for annoying everyone.

The Sinner. Season 3 (Netflix) June 19,

What seemed a routine investigation on a tragic car accident on the outskirts of Dorchester, his hometown, in no time, turn to become one of the most dangerous and disturbing of the career of detective Harry Ambrose, played by the well-known actor Bill Pillman (Independence day, Road loss). Jessica Biel, who was the protagonist of the first season, now is the producer.

Perry Mason (HBO) June 22,

While the rest of the country grapples with the Great Depression in 1931, the city of Los Angeles is booming between the Olympic Games and the sound cinema. But a child kidnapping that goes wrong will complicate everything. Based on the characters created by the author Erle Stanley Gardner, this series follows the origins of the criminal defense attorney most legendary of the american fictional Perry Mason. When the case of the decade knocking on your door, the relentless pursuit of the truth on the part of Mason will round out a fractured city.

Project Blue Book. Season 2 (TNT) June 25

The second installment of the series produced by Robert Zemeckis takes the protagonists on a dangerous quest for the truth and delves into themes of global conspiracy. The new chapters are immersed in two of the best known cases of research on aliens: the Roswell and area 51, an area in the state of Nevada that is supposed to be a magnet for paranormal events, and that the U.S. Government allegedly carries out activities related to ufos.

Dark, season 3 (Netflix) June 27

Finally comes the long-awaited third installment of this highly praised and dark series German that framework a before and an after in the last few years. Great mysteries, intrigues several and sure that many surprises will be closed intrigue and deploy new puzzles. The final season will have eight episodes, which were filmed in mid-2019, which will continue to travel through time, something key to the plot, which has a very loyal fan in all the world. The expected has already generated a lot of expectations.