Food, friends, and a petal bath. Nadia Dorofeeva published a big vlog from a vacation in Bali

Most of the time, Nadia Dorofeeva and Dantes lived in the same villa with the Katsurins (Photo: / nadyadorofeeva)

The singer posted on Instagram a new issue of her blog in an experimental format – vertical IGTV.

Nadia Dorofeeva went to Bali with her husband Vladimir Dantes and family friends – restaurateurs Dasha and Misha Katsurin. The company got to the resting place with three transfers: from Kiev to Doha, then to Jakarta, and from there to Bali.

The first recreation area was the Changu area, and then – Ubud.

Nadia Dorofeeva, together with her husband and friends, went to Bali a couple of days before the New Year and met him there. The singer admitted that this was the first time she met the New Year not at a concert, but in a warm country. But despite the climate and atypical landscapes outside the window, there were still crab salad and Olivier on the table.

Dorofeeva, Dantes, and Katsurins celebrated the Old New Year with a gong meditation, which was given to them by specialists, and then the company went for a massage.


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During the rest, the showman and blogger Alexey Durnev, blogger Yan Gordienko and his girlfriend model Valeria Rudi also joined the company.

Despite the beauty of the beaches, the singer drew attention to the fact that they are very dirty in Bali.

In her blog, Nadya Dorofeeva showed many places where they traveled: from the local fish market to the Kanto Lampo waterfall. In addition, the company went to an Indonesian cleansing ceremony under waterfalls and making wishes.


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A lot of food also got into the lens of the vlog.

Nadya Dorofeeva also shared the technical part of organizing the trip: before the flight, they collected all the necessary package of documents, including the results of the PCR test and other health statements. She said that she was ready for quarantine if required, repeated tests and even the fact that they may not be allowed into the country because in a pandemic it is impossible to be sure of something.

Vlog of Nadia Dorofeeva from Bali


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