Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Raw

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when you’re hungover or hangover, it is important to avoid certain foods that may worsen your symptoms and make you feel worse. Walking around with a hangover is a difficult situation, imagine feeling even worse if you eat these foods.

After a night of partying that featured drinks and alcohol, you often wake up the next day feeling hangover and headache You’re scared, so one of the questions that people often ask is, what foods should you NOT eat raw?

Which foods should not be eaten raw?

Keep this instruction in a safe place to make sure you don’t consume these foods when they are raw. The list of foods you shouldn’t eat when you’re hungover is long, but we’re going to give you the most common ones.

junk food

Junk food is one of the foods experts don’t recommend eating during a hangover. The fat in these foods can make people sick and make stomach acid worse.

Can beer cure hangovers?

You’ve often heard that drinking beer can cure a hangover, however, it’s not recommended. Experts recommend drinking fluids without alcohol, mainly water and serums.

Spicy food

Alcohol itself can irritate your stomach, and if you eat spicy food, it may cause a more severe irritation. raw.

coffee when hungover

Experts say the drink is a gastric stimulant and as such can cause irritation to an already delicate stomach.

If I eat citrus raw, should I eat citrus?

Citrus fruits, such as oranges, grapefruit, or lemons, can irritate the stomach, especially in people with gastritis or colitis. If you’re already feeling bad about your hangover, eating citrus can make things worse.

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