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Football Manager 2015 PC Game Download Full Version

Football Manager 2015 is the eleventh installment of the famous series of football managers. Certainly not everyone is aware that the first game in this series was created over 20 years ago. It was released in 1992, still under the title Championship Manager . Sports Interactiv studio , which is the author of all parts of the game, parted ways with the previous publisher, games under the new title have been created since 2004, i.e. from the moment Sports Interactiv started cooperation with Sega. For over 20 years of presence on the market, the games of this series have gained many loyal fans. It is worth being among them, because the game is really great. You do not believe? See for yourself! Get the full version of Football Manager 2015 Download, become the manager of your chosen team and lead them to success.

Football Manager 2015 PC Game Download Full Version

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As in the previous versions of the game, in the newest part of Football Manager we have the option of managing one of the football teams. We can choose a team from dozens of world football leagues. Our role as a manager is not limited only to controlling players, possibilities, and in fact duties, we have much more. We are responsible for all aspects of the team’s functioning, so we have to organize trainings, determine the lineups and tactics of the game in subsequent matches. We also have the ability to make transfers of players and – importantly – look for new talents that would work for our team. Another option available in the game is the ability to maintain good relations with the press and fans of our team, which we also have to strive for.

Players familiar with the previous parts of the Football Manager series will surely notice that the user interface has been refined in the latest part of the game. The sidebar that was already in some parts of Football Manager is back. It greatly facilitates the management of the team. During the game, we have the opportunity to obtain new coaching licenses, thanks to which we gain the opportunity to train goalkeepers or young players.

FM 2015 – Trailer

When it comes to the tactical layer, a novelty in the game is the ability to shout at individual players during the match, right next to the sideline. This increases their motivation, as does motivational talks during breaks. Contrary to appearances, it is very important. Poor player motivation or falling team morale may appear as a result of seemingly insignificant events and significantly affect the result of the match or the team’s position in the table. Another novelty worth mentioning is the greater number of tactics. Players can be assigned new roles in the game, not necessarily coinciding with their favorite games. Many changes were also made to the financial management manager, and new options were also made available in the press conferences section.

The visual side of the game, from the moment of introducing the three-dimensional match engine, is great, but nevertheless in Football Manager 2015 it has been further modernized. The authors of the game added over 2,000 new animations to it. The shading of players and the appearance of the stadiums have been refined. Despite these changes, the hardware requirements are not high and the game works even on the latest graphics cards. Football Manager 2015 Download. Download and play! The world of football will provide you with a lot of excitement


Football Manager 2015 is a game that can undoubtedly be recommended to all those who love football. A friendly user interface, many options for leading the team and many game options are just one of the advantages of this position. The game impresses not only with its gameplay but also with graphics that are extremely realistic. It’s worth playing Football Manager 2015 and testing yourself as a manager of a team of your choice.

Football Manager 2015 PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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